What will 2012 hold for your life? On this page I will give 2012 predictions for all signs of the zodiac. Read what may be in store for your sign, and then head to the end of the page where I am offering a completely free Numerology Profile. You can also get free predictions for each day, week and month of the year. This would normally cost you a minimum of $45, but I am offering it to my readers completely free!

2012 Predictions -Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Your 2012 horoscope offers greater fortune than previous years. In the spring, pay attention to your career as it will take a leap forward. Look for someone with great authority or ambition and allow them to lead the way to greater success. Pay attention to financial advice given around the middle of the year, as it will give your financial situation a boost. The middle of the year is also the time for an unexpected change in plans regarding a new home or property you would like to acquire.

Health wise, you could experience problems with your teeth or your back, so take good care of those areas of the body. In your personal life, look for some changes for the better in your current relationship. You may not be able to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with the person you love, but you will experience a rebirth of the relationship that will be pleasurable.

2012 Predictions – Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

Your 2012 horoscope brings you to a turning point…which way will you go? There will be life-changing decisions to make in 2012, so be aware that what you do in 2012 will impact your life in future years.

Do not worry in the beginning of the year as business will be quite slow. By the middle of the year things will pick up and you will end the year working at a higher capacity than you can imagine today. Watch out for health problems of the past as they may come back from the stress of intense work situations this year. You may also struggle with financial disputes throughout the year. If there are issues with real estate, they will be settled by the end of the year.

You will also have disagreements and struggles in your personal relationships this year. Look for the issues to work themselves out as long as you are able to see eye to eye with your loved ones.

2012 Predictions – Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

This is the year to stop sitting on the sidelines and get into life full force. If you have an opportunity that could pay off big time in the end, take the risk! These opportunities will open doors for your business to be more successful by the end of the year. You may even take your business in a completely new direction. If you are unemployed or would like a better job, you will find the right job this year and it will give you more satisfaction and responsibility. Just be careful, because situations at work could lead to health issues that leave you seeking medical attention.

Does someone owe you money or is your money tied up somewhere? You could find it reappearing in your hands around July or September. This will help lighten the load financially for the rest of the year.

Your love life is in for a major awakening as things are rattled to the point they have to change.


2012 Predictions – Cancer (June 22 to July 21)

A lot of things are changing in your life, and this is the year to make decisions and allow change to take place. You know what others expect you to do, but this year you should focus on surprising them by doing the exact opposite.

In your career, look for doors of opportunity to open. You may either go to work for yourself or you may be given a promotion to a more prestigious position. There will be opportunities to implement your best laid plans and take action to make changes in your life. In the second quarter, your success will lead to financial security.

Health wise, do not be shocked if you suffer problems. You may even be in an accident that leads to injury. By the end of the year you will pull through and recover good health. While there will be some instances where you do not see eye-to-eye, you will experience a strong relationship with your significant other this year.

2012 Predictions – Leo (July 22 to August 22)

You are bursting with energy this year, and that energy will help you turn dreams into reality. You must remain focused this year because great things are in store. By the end of the year, you will have gone through incredible change and will be far happier than you start the year.

In terms of your career, look for fresh opportunities that put you back on the right track. Look for a great opportunity to pop up around the middle of the year. You will have to cut back on investments and conserve money this year, but in the end you will be stronger in this area as well.

Watch your throat and digestive system. There may be issues with those areas of the body this year. If you are looking for that special someone, this is the year to look at singles within your professional field. The perfect match is waiting to meet you in 2012!

2012 Predictions – Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Keep your mind focused on positive energy this year, as that energy will bring your dreams into reality. You will gain personal peace and a balance of emotions and positive thoughts throughout the year. You will experience a revival of personal strength as well. Things may not look so rosy toward the beginning of the year, but it will turn around toward the middle and end on a much happier note.

There will be struggles over money this year, but about the middle of the year you will have the opportunity to enter a new project. This new project should bring in some extra income to lighten the load financially.

If you have been struggling with health problems, this is the year for recovery and healing. You will become more certain in your personal relationship this year, but only after doing a lot of personal exploration. As you study yourself, you will grow closer to your significant other.

2012 Predictions – Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Your 2012 predictions bring great progress as you move forward. Great things will be accomplished simply because you have the desire and will to make them happen in 2012. Even some things that you previously wrote off as impossible will come into your reality this year.

This is a year of growth and power in the career field. You could find yourself rolling in the money with significant gains in the financial field. This may come by way of help from someone close to you.

You may need consistent health care and focus on your health to recover from illness this year. Do not be surprised if things change drastically in your love life. Relationships that are not going very smooth will either change drastically or break up entirely.

2012 Predictions – Scorpio (October 23 to November 23)

Look for divine intervention in 2012. You will find that the things blocking your road to success fall out of your way and great things happen for you this year. Do not give up when things get hard. Do not give in when asked to compromise. Hold strong and the obstacles will eventually fall out of your way.

There may be confusion or misunderstanding in the first part of the year, but in the third quarter things will start to turn around. You may discover that a severe financial problem turns into a bonus in your favor. You will gain courage and strength in the money department as a result of these trials.

Focus on your health and you will find yourself in much better physical shape to tackle life by the end of the year. You will also gain emotional strength by the end of the year.

2012 Predictions – Sagittarius (November 24 to December 21)

This is the year for accomplishing goals, rather than just setting them. What you see as the potential for your life will be very different by the end of the year than it is at the start. You will be given a chance to start anew in your career in the first quarter. Enjoy the energy that starting over gives you in this period. By the middle of the year there will be issues that test your strength and character, so be prepared to hang in there.

If you make safe and conscientious investments your finances will balance themselves out over the course of the year. This is not a time for risky investment.

There will be opportunities to improve your health this year, leaving you stronger by the end of the year. Take advantage of any intervention that comes along in this area. Be prepared for a new relationship to come along. This may be renewed love with someone from your past. Be smart about relationship decisions this year.

2012 Predictions – Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Your 2012 predictions rest on your ability to harness the strength and light within yourself. Your intuition is very strong, so go with the gut feeling and try not to doubt that internal guidance.

Your career will take off this year. You will find yourself in the spotlight toward the end of the year, so be ready to graciously accept the attention and gratitude. If you come across a joint venture, group agreement, or some type of financial opportunity in partnership with others, great things could come of it.

You will gain mental clarity this year. Your health will improve as well.

In your personal relationships, look for spontaneity and harmony. You will be successful in love this year!

2012 Predictions – Aquarius (January 20 to February 19)

Your 2012 horoscope brings great things to your life. You have to let go of things that give you a false sense of security and open your mind to change. Change will be a great thing this year. Many of these changes will come right around the middle of the year, so be open and ready for it at that time.

Change in your professional life will come in the second quarter. Changes in this area will bring a fresh perspective on all other aspects of your life. In the third quarter there will be a great opportunity that improves your financial life for the better.

There may be some irresponsible actions this year, but you have to keep them under control. They could lead to health problems or an injury.

2012 Predictions – Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

Your 2012 horoscope is all about balance. Your 2012 predictions foresee a lot of change in store for your life. This change is going to overturn a lot of the doubts you have in life right now. You will be far more secure and optimistic by the end of the year.

Take on your most ambitious and exciting professional projects this year, as they are destined to be great successes. Confusions and complications in your professional life will be cleared up and overcome this year.

If you can tap into your inner strength and determination, you will make great strides in the health department as well. You will also get a lot of strength and love from a personal relationship, which will help you remain strong and determined in all areas of life.