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When it comes to Aquarius compatibility, what can we say about this quirky, independent, and unique sign? Which of the other signs is most compatible with this most interesting of all the signs? What does romance mean to the detached, friendly Water Bearer? How do we capture and keep their interest? What turns Aquarians on, who is Aquarius’ soulmate, who do they fall in love with, and who is their worst match?

Read on to find out the answers to all of these questions on Aquarius compatibility and more –

Aquarius Compatibility: What is Aquarius's Best Match?

So, which of the other zodiac signs is the best match for Aquarius? Is there just one, or could there be more than one?

Well, when it comes to Aquarius, there are certainly a few signs that have the most compatibility with this suave, cool, and detached soul. Yet, the one best matched to Aquarius will likely be Libra. Not only is Libra a fellow air sign and thus tends to value the same things as Aquarius, but Libra is also ruled by the love planet Venus, which happens to be very resonant with Saturn, the traditional planetary ruler of Aquarius.

Saturn and Venus are perfect cosmic mates. Saturn (aka Aquarius) brings a sense of commitment to the relationship and the willingness to be with someone through all the ups and downs that life offers. Saturn is the ‘glue’ that binds people together. Venus, aka Libra, provides the love, romance, and pleasure aspects, which are all so important to a long-lasting match.

Thus, Aquarius and Libra could be a fit to be each other’s number one choice when it comes to romance. Yum!

Aquarius compatibility in marriage. Bride and groom holding hands

Who Should an Aquarius Marry?

Are there certain signs that Aquarius should be marrying? Well, firstly let’s talk about marriage and Aquarius. Aquarians are generally quite free-spirited, which can make it challenging for them to settle down sometimes. Yet, once they decide on someone, they can be extremely committed and faithful, just as long as they have their freedom.

Now, that may not be advice found in mainstream astrology, but the earth signs – Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus – actually make the best marriage partners for the sometimes ungrounded Aquarius. Sure, there will be issues, not least the frustrations that the earth signs often feel with the idealistic, pie-in-the-sky Aquarius. Aquarius might also get irritated with the practical brooding that can set in with earth signs.

Nevertheless, earth signs provide the grounded, practical support Aquarius deeply needs. They take care of ‘life admin’ so that Aquarius is free to explore and express other realms. Aquarius provides fun, sociability, and intellectual stimulation that the earth signs need. Together, Aquarius and Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn can create a lasting, happy, and very fulfilled life-long marriage.

Aquarius Compatibility: What is Aquarius's Worst Match?

Are there any signs that are just completely incompatible with Aquarius? You might be wondering. Well, sure. Then again, Aquarius is quite good at getting along with most people from all walks of life. This makes it hard to pinpoint any particular sign that is worst for Aquarius.

Yet, there are two signs that Aquarius might struggle with. These are Cancer and Leo. Now, regarding the latter – Leo – seeing as this is the opposite sign to Aquarius, one would think there could be a powerful attraction. And there is. Yet, these two signs are so strong-willed that there are often ego clashes and personality battles. It’s not easy to find a middle ground between these two extremely individualistic, headstrong, and stubborn individuals!

As a water sign, cancer might be a little too emotional for the logical, detached Aquarius. Cancer people might find the Aquarius too freedom-loving, too independent, and too ‘heady’ for them. Cancer might cling out of fear of losing Aquarius, making Aquarius feel suffocated. These two will have to figure out the best way forward so they don’t trigger each other to flee!

What are Aquarius Soulmates?

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Which signs could be said to be the soulmate of Aquarius? There are three that come very close: Gemini, Libra, and Pisces. The first two signs are highly compatible with Aquarius, just as they’re air signs, the same as Aquarius. Air signs are clever, highly intellectual, witty, and charming. When Aquarius gets together with either Gemini or Libra, they might feel like they’ve finally met their match and someone who can keep up with their brilliant minds. Equally, Gemini and Libra love to talk, so they’re quite happy to chat away to the Aquarius. This connects them all on a deep soul level.

The final sign that could be Aquarius’ soulmate is Pisces. This might seem strange, as Pisces is a water sign and Aquarius air. Air and water can sometimes struggle to align, with one being very logical and detached (airy Aquarius) and one being very sensitive and emotional (watery Pisces).

Nevertheless, these two resonate deeply on the level at which they want to help, serve, and see people succeed. These two signs are the very soul of kindness, and they show that kindness to each other. They’re also often very spiritually oriented, which makes them feel very attracted to each other. Pisces brings empathy and depth, whereas Aquarius brings altruism and idealism to the connection. This compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces can be something truly beautiful.

Aquarius Compatibility: What Signs Are Aquarius Attracted To?

There are two signs that Aquarius is most attracted to, and those are Aries and Virgo. With Aries, Aquarius just loves their bad-boy/bad-girl vibes and knows that they’ll get up to all kinds of wild mischief together. They adore Aries’s passion, enthusiasm, and excitement, just as Aries loves Aquarius’s catch-me-if-you-can energy. Together, these two are all kinds of trouble – in just the right way!

With Virgo, Aquarius is drawn to their intellect and scholarly, wise personality. Virgo is incredibly smart, and Aquarius just loves someone who can keep up with their ingenious minds. Together, these two can talk all night long over life’s mysteries together.

Who Will Aquarius Fall in Love With?

Aside from the two air signs, Aquarius tends to fall madly in love with Sagittarius and Aries, two of the fire signs. These fire signs are highly compatible with Aquarius, as air feeds fire and makes it burn brighter.

Sagittarius, in particular, appeals to Aquarius due to their free-spirited energy. Aquarius also loves the philosophical energy of Sagittarius, having the same perspectives and attitudes themselves; these two will explore life to its fullest, always trying to expand, grow, and learn together, not to mention having the most fun all the time, 24/7. Life is a constant party with Aquarius and Sagittarius!

When it comes to Aries, Aquarius can’t help but fall in love with them, seeing as Aries loves pursuing Aquarius relentlessly. It’s flattering and fun to be so desired, according to Aquarius. Once Aries ‘gets’ them, they’ll still have the best time, as they are always up for adventure. Aquarius and Aries are true rebels together.

Aquarius compatibility signs they dislike

What Signs Do Aquarius Dislike?

When it comes to Aquarius compatibility, are there any signs that Aquarius particularly dislikes? Well, yes. Leo is often a sign that Aquarius is immediately repelled by, yet also attracted to, at the same time. It’s their opposite sign, which makes Aquarius and Leo, on some level, quite compatible.

Yet, these two signs are so individualistic, stubborn, and proud that they may end up rubbing each other the wrong way. Aquarius might find Leo far too dramatic, while Leo can see the Aquarius as full of themselves and their opinions. Yet, funnily enough, these two also have the most to teach each other, too.

Scorpio is another one of those signs that Aquarius might either love or hate. Scorpios are intense, somewhat controlling, and very hard to figure out, which is why Aquarius might be drawn to them. Yet, they might also find Scorpio too much at times, whereas the Scorpio might not feel like they can fully trust the freedom-loving Aquarius.

Aquarius Compatibility: Who is an Aquarius's Best Friend?

As the friendship sign of the zodiac, Aquarius usually has three signs they tend to gravitate towards as their very best friends, their partners in crime. These are the two other air signs: Libra and Gemini – as well as the equally rebellious Aries. With these two air signs, there are plenty of chitter-chatter and shared stories, not to mention a busy and full social life. Whereas with Aries as a friend, there’s no end to the action and fun that these two get up to together!

Are Aquarius Loyal in Relationships?

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You won’t find a much more loyal sign than the fixed Aquarius. Sure, they are free-spirited and independent, but they keep their friends and loved ones close. Their fixed energy means that they tend to be very committed to their tribe of people. It takes a great deal for the Aquarius to leave a relationship forever, although when they do, it’s as if it never existed.

What is Aquarius Love Language?

Does Aquarius have a specific Love Language? Out of the five Love Languages, they tend to gravitate towards the verbal expression of love. Telling your Aquarius that you love them in words, writing them a letter, sending a text, making a phone call, or just having a long conversation with them is exactly what they need to feel deeply adored and cared for.

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