Always your ascendant is the first room of astrology houses and from there the other houses are marked in.

1st Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Adroit, intelligent, innocent, good moral standard.

Moon- Native is artistic, more struggle.

Mars- If it is with the aspect of beneficiaries (benefics), many good things will happen otherwise constant struggle will be the outcome.

Mercury- Enormous learning, interest in study of occult sciences, gives eminence.

Jupiter- Learned, gets respect, leaders and endowed with good children.

Venus- Become learned and great taste of music, good health, long life, fortunate.

Saturn- Evil thoughts, evil ways, misery, though some aspects of beneficiaries may change the situation.

Dragon’s Head- Accommodating, kind-hearted, abortive to some extent, courageous, sickly wife or husband.

Dragon’s Tail- Undernourished figure, much perspiration, weak-hearted, slender, piles, and sexual indulgence, tactful, social.

2nd Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Knowledge and wisdom, education in science is expected, generous.

Moon- Wealthy, breaks in education, attractive speech.

Mars- Not a favorable house, will quarrel always as they are short tempered.

Mercury- Religion and philosophy appeal to this class, fluent speaker, nice wife and helping relations, they are clever and hence they earn well.

Jupiter- Fluent and good speakers with refined manners get adjusting partner, witty, good sense of humor, fortunate and have number of friends.

Venus- Domestic, happy family life with many relations, beautiful life partner and property acquisition is likely.

Saturn- Bad place for wife and family, rough spoken, hurt others.

Dragon’s Head- Poor, more than one wife (polygamous), distressful, dark complexion, sickly face, peevish, luxurious habits.

Dragon’s Tail- Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, irritable, hard-hearted, thrifty and economical.

3rd Room in Astrology Houses


Sun- Wealthy conditions, bravery, good taste for art.

Moon- Unfavorable position, some kind of ailment will always prevail in the body.

Mars- Few brothers, will receive help from the brothers, high moral standards.

Mercury- Favorable positions with regard to brothers, certain amount of miserliness with stubborn nature, and hard heartedness.

Jupiter- Good number of brothers, develop devotions to family, taste for literature, but agriculture appeals more.

Venus- Favorable position for brothers, life will not be very smooth, influenced by evil ideas, sinful acts.

Saturn- Bad position for brothers, can inherit intelligence and wealth, the life will be adventurous, agriculture appeals more.

Dragon’s Head- Few children, well to do, brave, adventurous, courageous, good gymnast, and many relations.

Dragon’s Tail- Adventurous, bold, well constructed, artistic, wealthy, popular.

4th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Constant impediments in life, not good for mother, if favorable planets aspect this house then the health of mother will not be affected.

Moon- Indicates property from mother side, success in life, if unfavorable planet aspect this, the health of the mother will be affected.

Mars- Indicates conveniences and comforts but very unhappy family life, mother’s health will be affected.

Mercury- Position is good for mothers, inheritance of ancestral property, earnings through literary activities, and agriculture appeals more.

Jupiter- With good education there will be contentment in life.

Venus- Favorable position, education, vehicles, property, good health of mother.

Saturn- Unfavorable position for mother and when moon are also in this place, it is very bad, constant hindrances in career.

Dragon’s Head- Liaison with women of easy virtue, subordinate, proficient in European languages.

Dragon’s Tail- Quarrelsome, licentious, weak, fear of getting poisoned.

5th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Not a favorable place either for children or father, mental worry is the result.

Moon- Beautiful and charming wife with more daughters, constant hindrances in education, if inspected by beneficiaries the position will improve.

Mars- Indicates a bad place, mind will be diverted on wrong path, there may not be children or children may not be favorable.

Mercury- They become academic and can accomplish respect from wealthy persons, good administrators, and bad position for children or health of parents or maternal relations.

Jupiter- Provides capability and aptitude, this position here may not give many children, indicates intelligence and devotion.

Venus- More daughters than sons, mother’s health will be affected, higher education and political success.

Saturn- Ailing children, in some cases there will be no children, education will suffer at many stages, sinful, tendency towards corruption.

Dragon’s Head- Childless, pretentious, despotic, polite, narrow minded, and hard- headed.

Dragon’s Tail- Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral if afflicted.

6th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Bold, adventurous, spirited, can plan matters well, wealthy conditions, good prospect in art line.

Moon- Moral standard is very low, connection with widows, burglary, drinking habit etc.

Mars- Courageous, enemies will be frightened from him, health will be moderate, some status in political line.

Mercury- Not a good place, break in education, false ego, loss is indicated, and there may not be enemies in life.

Jupiter- Intelligent but chances of success is very rare; the only good thing is the chances of opposition is also less.

Venus- There will be worries from enemies, not a firm character, health will be affected, ailment in generative organs.

Saturn- Debts and diseases, pain in joints and trouble from bile.

Dragon’s Head- Jovial, erotic, complaints, no enemies, and many cousins.

Dragon’s Tail- Tendency of adultery, good conservationist, and licentious, erotic complaints, learned.

7th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Unfavorable position, unless beneficiary planets aspect early marriage not seen, immoral, and unethical.

Moon- Good family life, health of the mother will be affected, enthusiastic, full of energy, wealth or position through wife, devoted husband for women.

Mars- Indicates bad position, late marriage, maternal property is obtained, intelligent.

Mercury- Success in art, ill health to mother, marriage at an early age, fear from God without any reason, strong attraction towards learning occult sciences.

Jupiter- Can be helped by the partners, speculative tendency, agriculture appeals more.

Venus- Very bad position, does not confer happiness to family, may become wealthy but a tendency of becoming a spendthrift will be there.

Saturn- Evil minded, loss of money and character due to bad company, very late marriage.

Dragon’s Head- Wife suffering from menstrual disorders, widow or divorcee connection, diabetes, luxurious food, unhappy.

Dragon’s Tail- Passionate, evil, connections with widows, sickly wife.


8th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Long life is expected but the constitution will be weak, if favorable planets aspect this position some good results can be expected, poor eyesight.

Moon- A very bad position, if there is any aspect by beneficiary there will be some relief, if there is no such aspect – the life will be in danger.

Mars- Another bad position, if there is no favorable aspect this may lead to a short life to wife, eye defect, loss of morals etc.

Mercury- Long life; they will be respected, will possess landed property, they save for rainy days of life.

Jupiter- Not a favorable position, long life is seen; dirty and messy habits, unhappiness are seen.

Venus- Mother’s health will be affected; bad social and immoral habits are likely.

Saturn- long life but will remain needy, poverty stricken and ill fated through out the life.

Dragon’s Head- Corrupt, degraded, quarrelsome, narrow minded, immoral, adulterous.

Dragon’s Tail- Senseless, obscure, dull, sanguine complexion, piles and similar troubles may occur.

9th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Higher studies, pious and self supporting, favorable results to father, charitable, all kinds of art lines appeal to them.

Moon- Intelligent and well learned, studios, book worm, fond of travel, religion and devotion to god is inborn, favorable position, if there is aspect of beneficiaries then great gains by sudden means can be expected.

Mars- Indicates bad position, sickness to father, obstinate nature, business or trade overseas.

Mercury- Favorable position, will have many children, erudite, judicious, having great taste for literature and music, will become popular and influential.

Jupiter- Devotion to religion and God fearing nature are inborn. With certain good principles they become learned and cultured, give plenty of gifts to charity or institutions.

Venus- Well educated and good reputation in society, generous and successful in life, but egocentric and narrow minded.

Saturn- Suffer due to poverty, no help from any body can be expected.

Dragon’s Head- A puppet in the hand of his wife, bad- mannered, uncharitable, thin and undernourished waist, loose morals.

Dragon’s Tail- Short sighted, sinful, untruthful, shrewd, many children, good wife.

10th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Highly favorable position, high position in government/ administration is often seen, one can become efficient in sciences, as they are very intelligent they earn well, will have dutiful sons, political career is also very likely.

Moon- Good health, landed properties, income through water, sources, and can expect a pleasant wife.

Mars- Indicates good position, self made, energetic and active, landed properties are expected, happiness in life.

Mercury- Favorable place, they are bright and brilliant, earn easily, fortunate, many amusements in life, command good respect in society, great devotion to God, business minded.

Jupiter- Agriculture appeals more, profession will meet constant hindrances, social and professional standing.

Venus- Develop respect for divine persons and also devotion to God, education is often broken, to some extent political success is seen.

Saturn- Balanced position, patient study of higher mathematics or sciences, shall possess many vehicles, religious minded.

Dragon’s Head- Intimacy with widows, taste in poetry and literature, good artist, traveler, learned.

Dragon’s Tail- Fertile brain, happy, religious, Pilgrimages to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures.


11th Room in Astrology Houses

Sun- Early success, status in society, certain set principles in life, get Royal honor, enjoy life well.

Moon- Enjoy high status in society, success in life and help from fair sex, interest in the art, become powerful.

Mars- Wise and highly educated, possess helping mind, sociable, amicable relation among brothers, influential, Royal honor can be expected.

Mercury- Great attraction towards astrology or mathematics, health will be moderately good, as business man they earn well, will have large circle of friends.

Jupiter- Self made and become wealthy, they do noble deeds, charitable minded, influential and powerful.

Venus- Favorable position, brave and courageous, can get high education, attracted by fair sex, become very popular in society.

Saturn- Wealth and success, success in political activities are also likely, influential and powerful.

Dragon’s Head- Wealthy, influential among subordinate castes, many children, and good agriculturist.

Dragon’s Tail- Humorous, witty, licentious, brilliant, wealthy.

12th Room in Astrology Houses


Sun- Bad position, moral standard is not seen, giving up harsh traits in nature.

Moon- Unfavorable position, gains in unlawful paths, loneliness, etc.

Mars- Bad place, delay in marriage, constant hindrance and unsuccessful career.

Mercury- Ruled by intense emotions or strong feelings, there may not be many issues but there will be worried always, philosophical.

Jupiter- Bad position, become sinful, evil minded.

Venus- Advantageous position for ladies, at a later stage devotion to god will drawn, in the early stages the mind is preoccupied with evil thoughts.

Saturn- Poverty, sickness, constant obstruction from friends and relatives, bankrupt; if there is any aspect of beneficiaries, certain amount of relief can be seen.

Dragon’s Head-Few children, defective sight, very many losses, saintly.

Dragon’s Tail- Capricious, unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to servile classes, much traveling, licentious, spiritual knowledge.

Please understand, the presence of different planets in different astrology houses and their significances alone do not tell everything about the predictions. We need few more points to consider that I have discussed in other pages of this site.