What is the Challenge Number

What is the Challenge Number?

The challenge number represents or interprets several obstacles, hurdles and difficulties we face at different life phases. The challenges are the weak points in our life path. Knowing the challenges well in advance will help us meet the roadblocks boldly and easily overcome the situations.

Numerologists have to say there are three significant challenges all of us face in three life phases. They named these as Early Challenge, Middle Challenge, and Main Challenge.

Early Challenge

The difficulties you face in the first 28 years of your life (or some numerologists say up to the ages of 30-35)

Middle Challenge

The difficulties you may face in the second 28 years of your life (or up to the ages 55-60)

Main Challenge

The difficulties you face in the later part of your life. The main challenge number also interprets the chronic obstacles you encounter throughout your life.

How Do You Calculate Challenge Numbers?

Reduce each birth month, day, and year to a single-digit number. Thus, October 13, 1971, becomes


Day= 13=>1+3=>4


In this case, Master Numbers are reduced.

The Early Challenge is derived by finding the difference between the month and day of birth. In this example, the Early Challenge number is 4-1=3.

The Middle Challenge Number is derived by finding the difference between day of birth and year of birth; The Middle Challenge Number in this example is 9-4=5.

The Main challenge number is identified by finding the difference between the Early and Middle Challenge Numbers. Our example would have a 5-3=2 as the Main Challenge.

Challenge 0

choosing Challenge in life
  • There is no single and consistent challenge seen during this period. Difficulties and obstacles may be coming from all directions, though they are not many.
  • It is called the challenge of choice.
  • You are likely to have difficulties acting on your preferences.
  • You must understand that you can analyze situations by adding your practical senses with your wisdom.
  • To overcome challenges, you must also have faith in your abilities.
  • To meet the challenge of 0, you must practice developing the positive traits of the other numbers; no need to say this is not an easy job until you are a gifted person by birth.

Challenge 1

  • You are likely to feel dominated by others with strong influence.
  • It’s essential to control your egos.
  • Due to being over-ambitious or aggressive, anger, defensiveness and blaming others may be a chronic problem for you.
  • False pride, arrogance, and egotism are the issues to be guarded.
  • Avoid argumentation and resentfulness.
  • Learn to rely on your wit and your intelligence.

Challenge 2

  • You are likely to be extremely sensitive and too much concerned about others’ expectations.
  • You are afraid of being criticized; you may struggle to overcome the situations if others ignore you.
  • You have a lack of self-confidence and are also not very confident about the inner strength you have within you.
  • Constantly worrying about the opinions that others have of you are the big roadblocks on your life path.
  • Used more positively, your keen sensitivity can be a significant strength.
  • During this period, it will be hard for you to assert yourself and make decisions.
  • This can be a time for the accumulation of wisdom.
  • Try not to take things too personally.
  • Friendships are a source of deep satisfaction to you during this time.
  • Plan for slow growth rather than immediate gain.

Challenge 3

a girl have a great imagination or talent but have difficulty expressing it
  • The challenge suggests a tendency to use talents and try to do many things at once during this period of your life.
  • You may have a great imagination or talent but have difficulty expressing it.
  • You may have a talent for writing, acting or speaking, but you are reluctant to involve yourself with these sorts of activities because you do not like to face the prospects of criticism.
  • You are expressing yourself with a negative emphasis, hiding your creative talents behind a wall of shyness.
  • You must strive to develop yourself in a social and creative sense. It’s hard to relax and have a good time.

Challenge 4

  • Suggests a difficulty with finding employment.
  • You may be careless and lack a sense of realism.
  • It’s important for you to learn the practical way of dealing with difficulties with greater responsibilities and patience.
  • You must learn the importance of working within the parameters of a schedule.

Challenge 5

  • You are unstable in many ways.
  • The challenge indicates that you must learn to overcome the desire and the demand for freedom.
  • This challenge number is tough to handle because of your impulsive nature.
  • You want to try too many things at a time and often run into trouble because of this motive.
  • Change may be necessary for you, but it must be handled intelligently and controlled.
  • Make sure that the desire for change is never related to a desire to escape responsibility.
  • Control your urge.

Challenge 6

woman had nature of being extremely perfectionist
  • You may have difficulties because of your instance and the nature of being extremely perfectionist.
  • You may appear arrogant, controlling and demanding to others.
  • It is hard for others to live up to your standards of expectations.
  • You must learn that your diplomatic approach will only be appreciated if others feel that their requirements are met, their needs understood, or their point of view is respected.
  • You must learn to allow others to set their own pace and make their own rules.
  • This challenge requires learning, unconditional love and acceptance.

Challenge 7

  • Feelings of a reserved attitude and unexpressed emotions are your biggest challenge in this phase.
  • You may feel unable to better your situation or repress your feelings to survive.
  • There is a tendency to be a chronic critic and whiner with this challenge.
  • The sense of intolerance will cause many troubles for you in this period.
  • False pride tends to keep your real feelings buried beneath the surface.
  • Avoid approaching people in a very reserved and aloof way.
  • Develop faith in your abilities rather than emphasizing your limitations.

Challenge 8

  • This is a number strongly inclined towards materialistic gains and wealth accumulation. Satisfaction can only be achieved and secured by adequate material accumulation.
  • You might define yourself and others by appearance, possessions and the amount of money they have.
  • You must learn to use your ability to gain money, status and power with a sense of proportion.
  • Deal with the material world in a relaxed manner.

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