The characteristic of zodiac sign – Earlier, we have come to know, to understand the zodiac signs and to understand the personal traits properly, we must first know or how the 12 zodiac signs are characterized or categorized according to their properties.

Here, in this page I shall describe how each 30 degree sign of 12 zodiac signs are again divided in smaller parts, so as to give an accurate and specialized analysis of the owner of the sign.

Often you may hear people to say, “I am a Libra, but many of my characters do not match as described in horoscope pages against Libra.”

Some sorts of disbelief arise in their mind about astrology or the subjects related to it. Why it is so? The fact is what we read in zodiac horoscope is a tiny part of it. Before we know ourselves, we must understand how the zodiac signs are again categorized and how the behavioral pattern changes according to the classification. In the next few lines you will find how they are classified for accurate predictions or the analysis.

I hope the readers of this site will find and know more about the zodiac signs than others and can understand fully how the people on this earth behave according to their signs. The terminology used in this page of characteristic of zodiac sign may seem unfamiliar to many of you as they are used in Hindu astrology.

Hora- Each sign is further divided into two equal parts or halves called Horas. So each Hora measures 15 degrees. Who are the owners of this Hora in several Signs? They are divided into only two planets viz. Sun and the Moon.


In all the odd signs viz. Aries, Leo: the first Hora is ruled by Sun and the second by the Moon., while in the even signs this order is reversed i.e. the first belongs to the Moon and the next to the Sun. Thus you see that in all there are 24 Horas in the Zodiac and out of them 12 are ruled by the Sun and the remaining 12 by the Moon.
Drekkana- A Sign is again divided into three equal parts of ten degrees each. Each part is named as Drekkana or Decante. In each sign the first Decanate is owned by the Lord of the same Sign, the second by the Lord of the 5th Sign from that and the third by the Lord of the 9th sign from the original one. For example in Aries, the first Drekkana is called the Aries itself, and its Lords should be Mars, the second Leo is ruled by the Sun and the third by the Sagittarius owned by Jupiter. In this matter you can easily find out the decantes of all the Signs or the decantes characteristic of zodiac sign.
Navasma- A sign is further divided into nine equal parts called Navasma. What is the measure of the Navasma? It is 30 degree divided by 9. This is equal to10/3 degree or 3 degrees and 20 minutes.


Now we must see how these navasmas are counted in several Signs. In respect of this we have to make four groups of these Signs each as follows- (1) Aries, Leo, and Jupiter, (2) Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, (3) Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and (4) Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In all the Fixed Signs the navasma bears the same names are the first ones, in all the Cardinal Signs they are the 5th, and in all mutables or common signs they are the last or 9th. This is the navasma characteristic of zodiac sign.
Dwadasamsa- A Sign is further divided into 12 equal parts termed Dwadasamsa, each subdivision getting an angle of 2.25 degrees. Regarding the names of these 12 parts there is absolutely no complexity, as the Dwadasamsa in each Sign begins with the same Sign and end with the one that is 12th from it. That is to say, in Aries the 12 parts are counted from Aries onwards ending in Pisces, in Taurus the first part is Taurus itself and the last Aries and so on. This comes under the dwadasamsa characteristic of zodiac sign.
Trisamsa in characteristic of zodiac sign– This is nothing but a one degree position of a Sign. Hence there should be 30 such parts of degree portions belonging to 30 planets, which is impractical. Their Lords are only the five planets, viz. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The Sun and the Moon have no play in this. With regard to the distribution of these Signs there is a difference in respect of odd and even Signs.

In the odd signs i.e. 1, 3,5,7,9 and 11 the distribution are as follows The first 5 degree belong to Mars, the next 5 degrees to Saturn, next 8 to Jupiter, the next 7 to Mercury and the last 5 to Venus. In the even signs this order is reversed: The first 5 degrees go to Venus, the next 7 to Mercury, the next 8 to Jupiter, the next 5 to Saturn, and the Last 5 to Mars.