Feng Shui Tips- Few Facts to Consider

Feng Shui Tips

If you subscribe to ancient Chinese wisdom you have heard that each person has three lucks which affect their life.

A. Heaven Luck- Decided the day you are born by the time, place and date.

B. Earth Luck- Decided from your home and environment.

C. Human Luck- Decided by you, how kind, helpful, honest and hard working you are.

It is safe to say that earth luck plays a significant role in life. Before Einstein showed how energy affected matter in E=MC Squared, Chinese scholars were already realizing it. Every where you look you are surrounded by various energies, some are good and have a good effect and the opposite is also true.


Four thousand years ago Chinese scholars formulated a theory about how a home or work place can be designed to optimize and allow positive energy in while filtering or preventing negative energy. You may have heard it called Feng Shui. Feng is pronounced Foong and means wind while Shui is pronounced Shway and refers to water.

The premise of Feng Shui states that even a small change in your home or office can potentially attract love, health or even wealth.

Yin and Yang are the basic components in the world and are responsible for the sustenance and creation of all things whether living or not, according to Feng Shui. When Yin and Yang interact Chi is produced and through manipulation of your home or office you achieve a balanced Chi.

Effectiveness of Feng Shui

It takes little more than a simple search of the net to come up with a dozen or more sites that describe Feng Shui in detail. Of course, most of these feng shui tips and techniques will be similar when it comes to your office, home or love life.

Here, instead of repeating the same old information you will find some of my views so that you can choose the best.

1. Think about the reputation and experience of the consultant providing the feng shui tips.

2. Check out a few books on the subject, ones that not only give you technique but go into detail about the reasons for them.

3. Are there any testimonials or reviews for the suggested products?

4. The best service will include online consultation at least to some degree.

5. Check for a refund policy, if you are going to pay for a service there should be some guarantee.

Even though there are some critics who reject the idea of Feng Shui, it can be very helpful and effective.

It is hard to imagine that the practice has no benefit, especially when you consider that it has been in practice for thousands of years.






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