How Do You Make Predictions in Numerology

How Do You Make Predictions in Numerology?

The rule of pyramid is an ancient approach to answering questions or making numerology predictions.

Part of a numerology reading is learning to use your knowledge to answer your questions. From time to time, we are interested in reading numerology or knowing about something that will happen. This is a basic characteristic of human beings.

The process for answering your questions is simple; with a little practice, you will develop the efficiency necessary to answer questions for yourself, friends or family.

This single knowledge can enhance your popularity among those around you. During my childhood, even my limited knowledge of numerology enabled me to become very popular by answering my friends’ questions using this method.

What is Pyramid Number Numerology?

In this approach, the numbers corresponding to the letters of the alphabet differ. First, note the numbers corresponding to the letters of the alphabet:

1-A, X

2-E, T

3-H, W


5-B, L, N, P

6-C, J, K, Q, Z

7-I, M

8-F, G, O, U, V, Y

9-R, S

The first step in consulting the pyramid or preparing numerology predictions is to write down your question at the top of a sheet of paper. Try to limit your question to at most nine words. For example:


Now, add the corresponding number for each alphabet letter until you arrive at a single digit for each word.

AM =>1 + 7 =>8

I =>7 =>7

GOING =>8 + 8 + 7 + 5 + 8=>36=>3 + 6=>9

TO=>2 + 8=>10=>1 + 0=>1

MARRY=>7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8=>34=>3 + 4=>7

THIS=>2 + 3 + 7 + 9=>21=2 + 1=>3

YEAR=>8 + 2 + 1 + 9=>20=>2 + 0=>2


Now, you are ready to build your pyramid. Write down the number of words in your question (here, 7). Then, write down the single-digit numbers determined from the words in the question. Write all of these numbers at the bottom of the sheet of paper:

7 8 7 9 1 7 3 2

Now, add the first two numbers together and reduce them to a single digit: 7+8=>15=>1+5=>6

Continue in this manner for the remaining numbers:

Second and third numbers: 8+7=>15=>1+5=>6

Third and fourth numbers: 7+9=>16=>1+6=>7

Fourth and fifth numbers: 9+1=>10=>1+0=>1

Fifth and sixth numbers: 1+7=>8

Sixth and seven numbers: 7+3=>10=>1+0=>1

Seventh and eighth numbers: 3+2=>5

Now you have a complete single row of 7 new numbers for your free numerology predictions: 6 6 7 1 8 1 5

Using this new row of 7 numbers, continue the same procedure to determine a new set of 6 numbers:

3 4 8 9 9 6

Continue this process. In the next stage, you will find: 7 3 8 9 6

In the next stage, it will be:

1 2 8 6

In the next stage, it will be:

3 1 5

In the next stage, it will be:

4 6

Finally, you will achieve your desired result: 4+6=>10=>1+0=>1

Your numerology reading is ready.

Now you have the key to the answer to your question. Consult the following table. Under the number 1, you will receive the information you desire.

Note that the answer you find in the table may seem quite general. The answer is not yes or no, which we generally desire in numerology readings.

Sometimes, it may not even offer any definite response at first glance. However, by pondering the words of the answer carefully, you will eventually discover the kernel of truth that applies to you. Indeed, for the example here, the answer may seem incomplete; however, “your hopes will prosper” (from number 1 in the table) should be a sufficient response to the initial question.

Mastering this process(free numerology predictions) requires practice. You can choose some questions you can verify quickly and compare your analysis to what happened. Is there any significant word in the table that you did not consider during your first attempt? Continue this learning process, and soon, you will be able to answer questions with ease.

One more thing to note: A question may be formed in different ways and yield different results. So, it is always advisable to work with the form of the question that initially came into your or the questioner’s mind. Numerology deals with the mind and inner self. It strongly believes our instant action or thinking is the originality in trait or thinking.

Numerology Prediction Based on Pyramid Number

Numerology predictions corresponding to each number:

1- Rest assured that in good time, success will be yours, and your hopes will prosper, whether it is through your own doing or as the result of most unexpected happenings.

2- There can be no success where hesitation has replaced determination. The opposite sex will have a powerful influence in retarding your enterprise and bringing a negative result.

3- You may expect gains, advancement or a broadening of activities if you will hold fast to your purpose and reduce to let yourself be swayed in doing what you desire to do.

4- Your expectation will far exceed your realizations, for disagreement and quarreling will undo your plans. This will happen because others wish to take advantage of you.

5- In a journey, there is the prospect of much good coming to you. Your question may be answered after you have received an unexpected letter of considerable importance.

6- Expect assistance from someone of the opposite sex. What you desire is about to be fulfilled, and in the end, you will not regret the steps you have already taken.

7- You may anticipate positive results involving you in relations with many persons. If you refuse to be influenced by the advice of another, you will reap joy.

8- Ahead are many obstacles. You may sustain a reversal of fortune. All signs point to failure because of malice and ill will or incompetence on the part of others.

9- Many obstacles are ahead, but all will be well if you keep a stout heart. The greater your risks, the greater will be your ultimate rewards. Have courage.

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