Hans Decoz is a world renowned numerologist and author of the famous book Numerology – Key to Your Inner Self.

Hans has taken his knowledge of numerology and developed a unique personalized numerological computer program. He was an obvious choice to feature here at numerology-astrology-palmistry.com/numerology, and he was kind enough to put lots of thought and time into his answers.

I thank Hans Decoz for this effort, and I thank him for all that he does.


Here now is the long awaited interview with Hans!

Soumen Ghosh : Hi Hans, we finally meet! I am happy to have you here. You need no introduction, but if someone stopped you on the elevator and asked “Hans what you do for a living?” what would be your 30 seconds response?

Hans Decoz: I am a numerologist – followed often with an explanation  about what numerology is. In a different setting I might mention that I am a ceramic artist. 

Soumen Ghosh : You are obviously extremely talented at what you do! Do you attribute your talent to good training, natural talent or both?

Hans Decoz: Mostly generic, I would say. It isn’t like you have a choice. The only decisive factor that you can offer is the level of effort you are willing to invest. The key to success and happiness, is effort. Everything else comes second.

Soumen Ghosh : Your numerology software is unique and very user friendly. In your opinion, what is it all about your software that makes your item so timeless?

Hans Decoz: I think the factor that it has been an on-going project since 1985 has a lot to do with that. There were years and years that we worked on it every day. As soon as one version came out, we started working on improving or adding additional options and programs. Making it user-friendly was a high priority. The fact that I had access to a mathematical and programming genius who recently passed away, has a lot to do with the quality of the software.

Soumen Ghosh: Hans! Please tell us a bit about your book: Numerology Key to Your Inner self, along with anything else you’d like to mention, such as your sites.

Hans Decoz: I wrote the book, with the help of my good friend and fellow numerologist Tom Monte during the early 90’s. It was first published in ’94 by Avery, now part of Penguin Putnam.

Our highest priority was to make the reader become familiar with the personalities of the numbers, which is why we wrote the meaning of each number over and over again from the perspective of where that number was found in the chart – which makes all the difference. I later added a full audio course. Between the book, the audio course (at world numerology) and the large number of blogs and articles (www.numerology.com and www.tarot.com), there is not much you can’t learn about the Pythagorean system.


Soumen Ghosh : In your book there is a chapter with a heading “Your Name Is Not an Accident”- Would you please explain this for us?

Hans Decoz: Numerology goes for the premise that no matter how you get your name (adoption, natural parents, misspellings, etc.) it always fits you perfectly. The term “Your Name Is Not An Accident” really applies to everything about you. It could be called “Nothing, literally, about you is an accident.”

Soumen Ghosh:  You’ve lived in several different places in your lifetime. If I ask “Hans Decoz Which place was your favorite and why?” what would be your answer?

Hans Decoz: Amsterdam, probably because that is where I was born and raised. I traveled to quite a few places and India is one of my favorite countries. I loved the towns and village along the Ganges. Benares is definitely a favorite. I also liked Spain, with Barcelona as my favorite town. But as far as where I like to live, surprisingly perhaps, is actually Houston, TX. The space, the can-do mentality, I just love it there. Perhaps I should split my time between Amsterdam, Houston, and Benares – too bad there are only 365 days in a year.

Soumen Ghosh : Let’s talk about another of your hobbies Ceramic Sculptures: Where did you learn this thing or how often do you get a chance to work on this?

Hans Decoz: Ceramics was actually my first career, right out of High School. I was hired as an apprentice for a ceramic studio in Holland and worked there for two years. After that I started traveling, then came to the USA in ’78. Numerology became my passion, but I made my living in everything from construction to AutoCAD. When I picked up clay again, in 2005, I realized that muscle memory allowed me to make big pieces from the beginning. I now put in about a third of my working time in the studio. The rest of the time I write blogs and articles on numerology, and other writing projects.

Soumen Ghosh :  Hans, I know you are a busy man so I’ll stop the questions here. Thank you so much for sharing your time with me, and I wish you continued luck with your career and new business ventures. For this last question, do you have any advice for someone who wants to learn numerology but doesn’t want to be professional ? How can an average person learn the basic of numerology to understand her inner self?

Hans Decoz: I think like anything else, it is a matter of getting your hands on as much material as you can find. Just delve in and read and study. I don’t think it is worth it if all you want to do is learn about yourself, there are better ways. You can go to a professional numerologist and find out all there is to find out in half a day – well, depending on how good the numerologist is. But in the end, when you want to know the depth and essence of who and what you are, you need to follow other routes as well; meditation, study scriptures, contemplation, walking in nature, watching the sunset, talking to people you admire, and so forth. Discovering your true self is a lifetime job and the main reason you are here. And if you do it right, there is a huge amount of joy and happiness not just waiting for you at the end of the road, but all along the way. In this quest, the most important thing is to be sincere.

Conclusion : I find the World Numerology Collection to be the most accurate and in-depth numerology catalog I have encountered, with many readings not found anywhere else. I have known Master numerologist Hans Decoz for many years and recommend his work to learn more about your talents, challenges, personality, relationships, and your daily, monthly, and yearly forecasts.