Jeane Dixon is a modern day forecaster often referred to as the “50/50 forecaster” because her predictions can go in one direction or another.

She came onto the forecasting scene in the 1940s when she told President Roosevelt that he had six months or less to live. This forecast was given during a casual talk with the President, but when he died unexpectedly shortly after the details of the forecast were printed in the newspapers. Jeane Dixon suddenly had respect and authority she did not enjoy before.

During that conversation with the President, she also predicted the following with great accuracy:

* China would become a communist state.
* China would become a problem for the U.S.
* The African continent would become a problem on the International level.

After that prediction, she made many that were not quite as accurate.

Jeane Dixon Bio

Dixon came into the world in 1918 and grew up in sunny California. She was just nine years old when those close to her began to realize she could accurately predict the future. One of her earliest predictions was that actress Marie Dressler should not give up on her acting career. The prediction came at a time Marie was considering giving up acting for other pursuits, since she was not getting the notoriety that she wanted. She listened to the young Jeane Dixon and eventually became a big time star.

Some of her other predictions over the years included:

* 1945: India would split into two countries in 1947.

* 1945: Churchill would not be Prime Minister when the war ended. Churchill laughed her off, but it in fact came true as Clement Atlee took the Prime Minister position after the defeat of the conservative party.

* 1947: Mahatma Gandhi would be assassinated in 1948.

* 1956: A “short-statured man” with a surname starting with the letter “s” would become Prime Minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru. When the short-statured Lal Bahadur Shastri took the office of Prime Minister, Jeane became one of the most respected forecasters in her time.

* 1956: The Soviet Union would send a satellite to space in 1957.

* 1961: Within a year, a famous Hollywood sex symbol with a surname starting with the letter “m” would commit suicide. Marilyn Monroe committed suicide by sleeping pills within the next year.

* 1957: A conspiracy to murder Shah Feisal of Saudi Arabia was being developed. He was murdered before he could do anything about the prediction.

Dixon was even rumored to have warned President John F. Kennedy that danger was upon him, but she was unable to deliver the message before he was killed. While all of these predictions are quite impressive, there was also a long list of predictions from Jeane Dixon that missed their marks.

For instance, she wrote a book with predictions for India in 1981 and it is now known to have been filled with false prophecies that never came true. Her method of predicting involved a crystal ball which appeared to have failed her on many occasions. Many believe she was only able to accurately predict on some occasions, which remains a mystery to all.