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What is the compatibility like between Libra and Capricorn? What makes Libra so attracted to Capricorn? How are Libra and Capricorn in bed? These may be some of the most burning questions on your mind if you’re a Libra with a crush on Capricorn.

After all, they do emit an elusive magnetic energy. It’s, admittedly, hard to resist. Capricorn people have this classy, tasteful side to them that makes them extremely desirable and attractive. Plus, Capricorn has all the qualities in a mate that we could ever want – committed, faithful and dedicated; they take love and relationships very seriously.

Yet, Capricorn can be a tough nut to crack. They are a little aloof and detached and may even come across as cold, making us wonder whether there’s any Libra-Capricorn compatibility at all. After all, Libra is an effusive, outgoing zodiac sign, a sign that loves to communicate, share and collaborate. Whereas Capricorn could be said to be a little more introverted, preferring small gatherings or work-related events than the social events that Libra loves.

What is the compatibility like between Libra and Capricorn

Yet, there is still a deep attraction between these two signs. The compatibility between Libra and Capricorn is very positive in the long run. See, Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, a planet of responsibility, dedication, and devotion. Saturn is the glue that binds relationships and makes them strong. Sure, there’s a sense of duty and obligation that comes into the mix, but in the long term, that’s what we want, isn’t it? For our connections to stand the test of time. This is what Capricorn brings to the relationship.

On the other hand, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This makes Libra a very romantic sign – soft, loving and attentive. Thus, combining the Saturnian energy of Capricorn with the Venusian energy of Venus is a perfect mix for any long-term connection.

One thing that Capricorn may have to work on to make them even more compatible with Libra is being open to pleasure, fun and play. Libra needs romance to keep the attraction strong. Libra also wants to share everything with their partner, whereas Capricorn is work-orientated. This may reflect problems later down the line. Finding the balance between work and play is key for this couple to thrive. This helps to raise the Libra Capricorn compatibility to new heights.

Why are Libra so Attracted to Capricorn

Why are Libra so Attracted to Capricorn?

So, why is Libra so attracted to Capricorn? What is it about them, exactly, that sparks the Libra’s interest? Because, let’s face it, Libra is quite flirty and is never short of people to be in a relationship with. Why would they pick Capricorn, who seems too stern and forbidding? Clearly, there’s more to this zodiac sign than meets the eye.

Firstly, Capricorn is usually quite successful and ambitious. This makes Libra and Capricorn quite compatible, seeing as Libra, whilst not as driven, likes to live an easy life, a life where they can enjoy pleasure, beauty and fun. Libra wouldn’t be interested in someone who didn’t work hard to be able to enjoy these things with them. They live to share life experiences with their beloved. Besides, who isn’t attracted to someone who wants to succeed and do well? Capricorn is the type of zodiac sign that climbs high in the ranks and is self-motivated, grounded, and wise in the ways of the world. If the Libra person is primarily feminine in their self-expression, these qualities are going to be even sexier, seeing as Capricorn enjoys taking the wheel and driving the ship, which is a more masculine role.

Libra and Capricorn

Of course, Capricorns feel they are compatible with Libra, too, as they’re supported in their endeavors and praised for their efforts. This makes them feel appreciated and nourished. Besides, Libra teaches Capricorn to enjoy the pleasurable rewards of their hard work, reminding them that there’s a world outside of the office. Libra and Capricorn, together, enjoy working hard and playing hard. The Libra Capricorn compatibility is powerful when we take all of this into consideration.

Libra will also appreciate the Capricorn’s pragmatism and down-to-earth approach. Capricorn tends to take care of the more material aspects of life – such as finances – so that Libra can relax. Capricorn loves having a purpose like this. It speaks to their responsible, adult side. Libra showers Capricorn in love, creating an atmosphere of joy and respect.

How are Libra and Capricorn in Bed

How are Libra and Capricorn in Bed?

How are Libra and Capricorn in bed? Is it going to be steamy passion or a letdown? Well, seeing as Libra and Capricorn compatibility is already quite strong, they should be physically compatible, too. There can be fireworks for this couple, as both are quite magnetic and attractive in their own unique way.

Libra, as everyone already knows, can be extremely irresistible. They’re flirtatious, charming and deeply desirable. Libra knows just how to wrap Capricorn around their little finger, making them weak at the knees. Not to mention, the Libra is considered to be the most attractive sign of the zodiac, too.

But what makes Capricorn so attractive in the bedroom? What draws Libra to Capricorn and makes their heart beat faster? Capricorn is an earth sign, and all earth signs have a strong sensual side to them. Capricorn takes their time with Libra. They know how to use the power of touch, taste, scent and sound to make the bedroom experience that much richer and more enjoyable. Although Capricorn can seem quite shy and reserved – they don’t usually enjoy public displays of affection, after all – they’re wild behind closed doors. This can make Libra absolutely addicted to Capricorn. They can’t keep their hands off them. There’s a special sort of chemistry between Libra and Capricorn.

The Libra and Capricorn compatibility is strong, given this information. Although physical attraction isn’t the be-all and end-all of a relationship, it is an important quality that should never be overlooked. Libra, in particular, is a very romantic sign, and for them, compatibility in terms of the physical side of the relationship is non-negotiable. All in all, this promises to be an externally satisfying match in many more ways than one.

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Margarita Celeste is a practicing professional Astrologer with a fervent passion for the language of the cosmos. She has witnessed the life-changing effects this ancient art can have on her clients and students and is honoured to support, guide and facilitate this healing process. Margarita has a Jungian (Transpersonal Psychology) approach as well as a special interest in relationship astrology, both topics that hold an important place in her heart. 

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