Your life path number is sum of the month of your birth, plus the day of your birth plus the year of your birth. To find your life path number begin by trying the month, day and year of your birth into a single number.

If the result is two, your numerology life path number is also 2.

Life path number 2 is the number of the individual who possess tolerance.

• Relationships are the key to your life. You are willing to cooperate and share in a relationship.

• You have a basic urge to be helpful and cooperative without trying to boss everybody.

• You have an incredible skill for resolving disputes. You are balanced and fair in nature. People will seek you out to be a mediator in any argument or conundrum.

• You tend to be diplomatic, sensitive, and individual. You have an inherent sense of morality and fairness.

• You are loving, optimistic, individual and prefer to see only the best in others.

• You are polite, tactful, and able to inspire groups of people to perform acts of charity and philanthropy.

• You dislike the qualities like erratic behaviors, or overt display of physical affection.

• You are a creature of habit and routine; and the nine to five job, where the routine is same everyday is best suited for you.

• You are sentimental, nostalgic and natural collector.

• Though you are able to overlook great faults, you are inclined to be too critical in matter of unimportant details.

• You must guard against the passivity, a state of apathy and lethargy which are the greatest blockage on your way.

Life path number 2 has made many judges, mediators, lawyers, counselors, or social workers.


Some of the traits associated with life path 2 may be emphasized, modified or counteracted by other numbers in the name.