Your life path number is sum of the month of your birth, plus the day of your birth plus the year of your birth. To find your life path number begin by trying the month, day and year of your birth into a single number.

If the result is three, your numerology life path number is also 3.

3 life path is the number of the generous, forgiving nature which is very sympathetic to the troubles of others and which sheens all that in petty and men.

• You are sociable, creative, and can express yourself well.

• Self expression is your key to happiness. Your journey leads to artistic acclaim of social popularity.

• You are entertainer with a bright, effervescent, optimistic attitude.

• You can acquire fame and glory as you are blessed with a warm, charismatic personality and in incredible sense of personal faith and optimism.

• You are the owner of an attractive physical appearance.

• You love connecting with people. When you are excited, the energy within you spills over to those are in contact.

• You are versatile, easily excitable and always in a thought to take more from life.

• Your approach to life is exceedingly positive, and disposition is always bright and open-hearted.

• You have an above average ability in creative arts, like painting, interior decorating, crafts, writing, music, or film.

• Many eminent musicians, writers, actors, dancers and public speakers came under life path number 3.

• An easy going nature is indicated by 3 life path, one that remains clam, in the face of adversity and is not easily made the victim of worry.

• You may be so delighted with joy of living that the life becomes trifling and superficial.

• There is also the danger of overindulgence in purely sensual delights.

Some of the traits associated with life path 3 number may be emphasized, modified or counteracted by other numbers in the name.