Your life path number is sum of the month of your birth, plus the day of your birth plus the year of your birth. To find your life path number begin by trying the month, day and year of your birth into a single number.

If the result is eight, your numerology life path number is also 8.

Life path number 8 indicates an ability to keep working toward a goal until it is reached. There is no compromise with imperfection, for only the best is demanded and accepted.

• You are ambitious, powerful and confident.

• Your heart’s desire is to found satisfaction in materialistic gain.

• You have the capacity to accumulate great wealth. You have a great talent in managing business and the people.

• You are strong, mentally tough, and ruthless in pursuit of your objectives.

• You are confident and have a great faith on you to face any sort of competition in the business world or in other competitive fields of endeavor.

• You are natural leader, hard worker and too some extent work alcoholic.

• Many executives, businessmen, and industrialists belong to life path number 8.

• The pursuit of materialistic gains may make cause to neglect your family, home and the peace of mind is seen to be disturbed for the said reasons.

• You can dictatorial sometimes, which may a build a wall between you and your fellow persons if not treated properly.

• There is a danger that you may be snobbish and unfeeling in your attitude towards those whose talents are not equal to you.

• You must learn how not to suppress the emotional feelings which may result an isolation and loneliness.

• You should guard against sacrificing the feelings of others to attain your goals.

• Ruthless ambition could become one of your besetting minds.

Some of the traits associated with life path 8 number may be emphasized, modified or counteracted by other numbers in the name.