Your life path number is sum of the month of your birth, plus the day of your birth plus the year of your birth. To find your life path number begin by trying the month, day and year of your birth into a single number.

If the result is nine, your numerology life path number is also 9.

Life path number 9 indicates great warmth of emotion, with the feelings ruling in many of the decisions of life. Basically there is desire to love and be loved and a great appreciation for the feelings of others.

• You are compassionate, generous, and have a very humanitarian attitude. You are selfless with good helping mentality.

• You care more for people less fortunate than yourself, and always try to help them if you are in a position to help at that moment.

• Material gains are not overly important to you, and wealth means little to you.

• You are tolerant to other people’s desires and weakness; you will have many friends and acquaintances.

• You love to travel and see new places, have a tend to express your feelings through painting, writing, music, or other forms of arts.

• Often you will face a great deal of difficulty finding a suitable outlet for your expression.

• You are well suited for the helping and healing profession.

• Your talents lie in so many different directions that you may often find gets scattered and yields a poor result.

• You are often poor judges of character, which may cause you easily become the dupe of unscrupulous persons.

• You should guard against letting your feelings get the better of the dictates of reason.

Some of the traits associated with life path 9 number may be emphasized, modified or counteracted by other numbers in the name.