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Learn Palmistry: Lesson Two

The Lines of Palmistry

Before discussing the lines of palmistry, it is fair to state that this page provides an overall guideline about the principal lines on the hand, but it is by no means a complete resource. You will be able to read the dictates of your destiny to overcome your character defects, temper, and disposition that might otherwise greatly hamper your material progress and spiritual evolution.

The information provided on this page is sufficient to acquire the necessary knowledge of palmistry for a student or lover of numerology, but those interested in more comprehensive information can collect a free e-book before leaving this page that will teach you more about palmistry.

The most important question in lines on palmistry is which hand is to be read: right or left? Generally speaking, the more dominant hand should be read. If you are right-handed, the right hand is the proper hand to read. However, in some cases, you will find you have to read the lines of both hands. The following details the different types of lines of palmistry and their respective characteristics:

The Lines of Palmistry

The Line of Life or Life Line

The line of life shows the kind of life followed, the general health of the subject and the length of life to be expected.

  • The line is long, clear and of good color- Good health and long life
  • The line is linked and made up of little pieces- Ill health
  • The line is broken in both hands- Death occurs at that age
  • The line starts from under the base of the mount of Jupiter- Ambition will be fulfilled
  • Ascending branches of lifeline- Success
  • Descending branches of lifeline- Failure
  • Netted line- Indication of fertility
  • A fork at the end of the lifeline- You have to be dependent on the charity of others in old age.

The Line of Head

This line says about the intellectual capacity and the general characteristics of an individual.

  • A straight, clear, and even line- Symbol of common sense and business capability.
  • The line is sloping- A leaning for romance, idealism and bohemianism.
  • The line is straight, clear and going to the side of the hand- The subject has great intellectual power but is inclined to selfishness.
  • The sloping almost to the wrist- Tells of self-delusion and a fatal influence of the imagination.
  • The line is short, barely reaching the middle of the hand- Weakness of intellect, want of will.
  • A netted line- A slight tendency towards nervousness.
  • Many break throughout the line- An increasing melancholy.
The Lines of Palmistry

The Line of Heart

The line of heart shows the nature of love.

  • The line is well-defined, long and straight- Indicates true and devoted love.
  • The line extends from one edge of the palm to the other- An intensity of passion which will lead only to bitter jealousy, quarrels and heartbreaks.
  • The line is bright and red- Great violence of passion.
  • The line is bare and thin inclined towards the percussion-Denotes sterility.
  • The line is pale and broad- The nature of the subject is blase and indifferent.
  • Breaks in the line- Disappointment and trouble.
  • A netted line- The affection will constantly be changing.

The Girdle of Venus

In lines of palmistry, this is a kind of semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers and ending between the third and fourth.

  • People possess the Girdle of Venus- Capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm.
  • Goes over the side of the hand (or in contact with the marriage line) – Disturbance in married life.
  • Cuts the heart line- Weaker love.
  • Breaks in the line- Many passionate love affairs but not lasting more than a few months at a time.
  • One end touching mount of Mercury- A spectacular business career.
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The Line of the Sun (The Line of Apollo in lines of palmistry)

This line in lines of palmistry may rise from the line of life, the mount of Luna, the plain of Mars or the line of heart and is a favorable sign when found in hand.

  • Rising from the line of life- Indicates great success in art, literature, or dramatic work.
  • Rising from the mount of Luna- Denotes Success and distinctions in literature or similar fields but largely dependent upon others.
  • Rising from the Plain of Mars- Success can be won only after difficulty or hard work.
  • Rising from the line of heart- They have great taste for art and artistic things, but they never make much of their artistic life.
  • An ascending branch leading to the line of Saturn- Much of the artist’s life will be spent in poverty.
  • Fork at the end of the line- Recognition and great wealth from a successful career.

The Line of Mercury (or the Line of Health, Liver or the Hepatica in lines of palmistry)

It generally rises from the base of the Mercury and indicates the condition of health of the subject. The straighter it lies on the hand, the better.

  • Touching the line of life- Indicates some delicacy at work undermining the life.
  • Touching both lines of heart and life- Delicacy of weakness of the heart.
  • The color is red, where it joins the line of heart- Active heart disease.
  • The line is missing- The subject is lucky and will be free to do whatever he likes, for illness will never hamper him in carrying out his plans.
  • A netted Line- Loss of hair.
  • The line is forked- A tendency towards despondency.
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The Fate Line (The Saturnian in lines of palmistry)

The line may rise from the line of life, the wrist, the Mount of Luna or the plain of Mars.

  • A clear well defined fate line starting at the base of the palm and extending well up near the base of the fingers- Indicates a steady and gratifying progress towards success in life.
  • If the line is too long- It indicates misfortune.
  • The line starts from the lifeline- The ambition is going to be realized.
  • The line starts in the mount of Moon- The life of the subject is not going to be entirely under his own control.
  • The line starts in the middle of the palm- Success at a later age after lots of struggle and hard work.
  • A netted line- Complication.
  • Breaks in the line- A new occupation at that particular time.

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