When you study the horoscope of a woman, you can be quite certain regarding the type of man she will one day get married to. Here are a few marriage astrology tips for females:

If there is no strength or planets in the 7th house, and instead, it’s occupied by malefics rather than by benefics, a woman will almost certainly end up with a terrible man as her husband.

Should the 7th house be occupied by Mercury and Saturn, or owned by either of them, the husband will more than likely be impotent.

If the 7th house is a moveable sign, and its lord is in a moveable sign, her husband will rarely be at home.

If the Sun or Moon are present in their own sign, the husband will most likely be gentle with regards to his sexual activities.

If it be Mars, husband would be poor and adulterous.

If the lord is present in the 9th house, and Jupiter is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, it’s unlikely that the husband will live a long life.

The following combinations can also indicate the possibility of unhappiness within a marriage:

Lord of the 7th with Saturn or aspected by Mars. Moon is in 8th house, lord of 7th with Saturn or Mars aspect. Combination of the lords of 1 and 8 in 12 and malefic aspect of 8th. Combination of the lords of 7th and 8th in 8th with malefic aspect.

In Vedic astrology, which I personally prefer when it comes to marriage matching, astrologers will check 10 agreements factors in vogue:

1. Star order number of bride and groom

2. Gana

3. Mahendra

4. Stree Dirgha

5. Yoni

6. Rasi

7. Lord of Rasi

8. Vasya

9. Rajju


With that said, Nadi, which is an additional one, is usually also included. Of course it should also be mentioned that these are all vedic astrology terms. Once all these factors have been verified, a percentage can be obtained. A minimum of 18 points suggests that 50% is likely to be good for agreement.

Now for the question which almost everybody asks – Can you change things? Unfortunately there is absolutely no way a person can alter the planetary positions within their horoscope.

There are however a number of remedies which one can take advantage of. For example, if you speak to an astrologer who has experience in marriage astrology, they will be able to offer you valuable guidance as far as marriage is concerned, and this guidance can be even more beneficial if you take advantage of it prior to getting married.

If on the other hand you are already married, an experienced astrologer will be able offer advice if there are any signs of a mismatch.

Astrologers are dedicated individuals who spend a great deal of time studying in order to ensure marriage astrology remains accurate. Yes, you will need to pay a small fee, but it’s a negligible amount when one considers how valuable the results can be.