Thanks Jayanti for this wonderful website.I has visited almost all of the pages of your site. If I am not wrong, there is no single page stating the meaning of the alphabets in numerology. Here in below please find the numerology meanings of each alphabet.

A: originality, will power, enterprise, aspiration, successful dominance, positive attitude, optimistic and egotism.

B: Introverted, creative, shy, supportive, touching, temperamental, and meditative.

C: Healthy, confident, positive, striking, scholar, lively, triumphant, prudent, nervous, tense and anxious

D: Self-reliant, caring, broadminded, worldly, steady and slow but meticulous.

E: Fair, vigorous, learned, thinker, endowed in writing, eloquent, resourceful, artistic, enthusiastic, and well-known.

F: Devoted, loving, uncomplaining, defensive, calm, straightforward, accountable, and harmonious.

G: Thoughtful, logical, witty, alert, stretchy, conscientious, intuitive, impetuous, reasoning and uncontrollable.

H: Inspiring, firm, impartial, calm, self-reliant and materialistic.

I: Altruistic, concerned, kind, responsive, intolerant, forceful, alert, self-reliant, loving, egoistic, mutinous, and learned.

J: Expressive, sociable, dignified, magnetic, new in ideas, bright in outlook, imaginative, flourishing, handsome and original.

K: Alluring personality, tolerant, ready to lend a hand, passionate, and culture oriented.

L: Materialistic, aspiring, reckoning, methodical, logical, convincing, active, flexible, successful, public, insightful and considerate

M: Gracious, temperamental, overwhelming, strong of character and strong in mind.

N: Intellectual, sluggish, wasting talent, affecting and fortunate.

O: Deep in thought, disciplined, down in the dumps, caring, exaggerated mysterious home-loving, and traditionalist.

P: Strong, perceptive, clear-sighted, self-centered, thriving, rigorous, disconnect, strong willed, impartial.

Q: Compact, unbeaten, sturdy, strong willed, confident, powerful, and good coordinator.

R: Great strength, uncaring, impetuous, and insensitive.

S: Friendly, perceptive, accommodating, conflicting and puzzled.

T: Forgoing, spiritual, worried, highly ambitious, kind to others, aggravated, selfless, cooperative, womanly, dutiful, generous and liberal.

U: Creative, idealistic, talented and fearing.

V: Accessible, grasping well placed, authoritative, painstaking, shrewd, and skilled or masterly in planning.

W: Changing, nontraditional, energetic, hasty, unproductive, interested in travel, exciting, adventurous, willing enthusiastic, hazardous, tasteful, and go-getting

X: Overstated, depressed, about difficulties, tardy, responsible, gorgeous, and spiritual.

Y: Mystic, reserved, affecting, self-governing, separate and troublesome.

Z: Determined, helpful, unchanging, esteemed, immense and compelling.