In Indian astrology the birth ascendant, moon ascendant and year (varsh) ascendant of a native have much importance to predict the time for him. The planetary periods, yogas and transit of planets also indicates clearly about the past, present and future of a native. Besides the said, there is many more type of ascendants to consider for a native and among of them the navmansha ascendant is most popular among astrologers as they find it very trust worthy. Here I am trying my best to prove that birth date (English Calendar) based upon the Muntha Lagna is most accurate to guide for a year than Varsh Lagna (which is in custom for yearly prediction for any native) on base of the following steps and request you all honourable astrologers to work-out on this method and self-check the accuracy in the subject.

a) The start of Varsh Lagna is based upon the re-entry time of planet Sun in his natal sign & degree and in this process often the natal English date and time is missing and some other new date-time occurs which is quite not acceptable by the mind of a new generation native. The native ever remains confused about the start date of his/her new birth year, which really is not a healthy sign and as we all know well that there is only a popular & fixed system to celebrate Happy-Birthday on the English date of birth and none other date is acceptable for the function.

b) The erecting method of Muntha Lagna is so simple than Varsh Lagna as in this only forth coming annual Muntha Sign has to be placed in the ascendant house and is to be treated as Muntha ascendant for the year in question. The rest houses of chart will attain the next coming signs therein in serial but the planets of the houses at the time of birth will not change their house and will remain in their natal house at the same natal degree except of natal signs as this have been changed owing to the change of sign in Muntha ascendant. In other words in Muntha Lagna for any year, the planets remains in the same natal house at the same natal degree and only change occurs in their natal sign. The Muntha ever remains at the natal degree of natal ascendant in any sign and it never goes to be changed. Now the Muntha ascendant is ready to study the year effect of planets either good or bad for any native to whom this chart is related.

c) Now it is turn to calculate the Muntha-periods (dasha) of planets as like of Mudda / Gauri periods as used in Varsh Lagna based upon the system of Vimshottari periods. Here in Muntha Lagna, there is a little change in start of planet-period from Varsh Lagna start planet-period as in Varsh Lagna the first planet-period ever remains according to the past years serial nakshtra lord counting from natal nakshtra-lord, but here in Muntha Lagna see the annual changed Moon sign and its unchanged degree and now trace-out the nakshtra and its step (charan) and easily know the nakshtra lord. The first turn of Muntha-period will be the period of thus occurred nakshtra lord for the term (duration) after calculating the balance period of planet at Muntha Lagna start date similarly as of balance period of planet at the time of birth. I am sure you will find these Muntha-periods (dasha) more accurate and effective than Mudda / Gauri periods which are being used in Varsh Lagna.

In the end, I take opportunity to make a humble request to honourable astrologers to study and check the above said procedure to erect the annual Muntha Lagna Chart for the native if the requirement arises and judge the ratio of correctness of the prediction and if they find themselves satisfied, please recommend it to others for their use in their prediction for annual-chart. .. .. Thanks.