Name Numerology allows skilled numerologists to guide a person’s life based on characters of their name. Everything from predictions about a person’s career to the chances of finding future love can be determined through the use of someone’s name.

From making important business decisions to determining a college major, many people use name numerology to guide their most important life decisions.

Numerology is very different than fortune telling, because it is not about making predictions for the future. It is more about determining the characteristics of a person so the good characteristics can be embraced and the negative characteristics can be tamed.

When the negative characteristics of a life are understood, the person can be prepared for what may come at them in the future. They become aware of their negative features and the chaos it could create in their life if not monitored.

In numerology, there are many rulers of the universe and they are the numbers. The reading of a person is derived completely from their birth date and the characters of their name.

Once born, the birth date is out of a person’s control, but it is possible for some to change their name in order to change their life predictions.

The earlier in life this is done, the better. This gives the name and birth date time to vibrate and mesh together for a successful future.

Calculating Your Name Numerology Number

If you could go back to ancient times, you would notice that all of the following were equated as equal:

* Chemistry and Alchemy
* Astronomy and Astrology
* Math and Numerology
* Sacred and Profane
* Letters and Numbers

All of these things were seen as possessing the same energy and share principles. One was not better than the other and they could be equivalent. For example, letter A and number 1 could be equals since they both come first in their own systems. This is why numerologists first turn the letters of a name into numbers before giving a reading. Each letter has an equivalent number.

In name numerology, first each letter in the name is turned into an equivalent number. Second, all of the numbers in the name are added together. The adding continues until a single digit number is obtained. That is the name number for that name.

Understanding Your Name Number

Everyone is on the Earth to learn a lesson. Each person has their own personality and numerology is the practice of discovering that personality. You get to find out who you are and what you are living for…and it all comes from your name and birth date!

There are many parts to your name and each part reveals something different about the person you are. For example, your full name will reveal something different than your first name or your nickname or initials.

How numbers are assigned to letters for names of different ethnic origins has caused a bit of debate within the numerology community. The problem is that letters sound different when pronounced in different languages. You could ask five people to say the letter “C” in five different languages, and it would sound different from each of them. This is an issue when assigning numbers to letters.

I use my own creative system for assigning numbers on this site, which avoids a lot of the controversy.

Different Name, Different Fortune?


If you decide to change your name, can you actually change your fortune along with it? This is an important question with perhaps an unexpected answer. In order to be successful in life, the right vibrations of numbers must match up in your life.

Numerologists have to take your name change into account by finding a balanced name between the old and new. This is done through advanced mathematics.

The good news is that many people have gone to the trouble of changing names in order to improve their fortune. Some of the biggest names in the business world as well as big celebrity names were changed for numerology purposes.

Thousands of people swear that they have taken huge leaps forward in their careers, found the love of their lives, and have become massively successful in other areas of their life, simply because of a well thought out name change following name numerology.

It can take a few years for a new name to really come into effect in your life, but if the name is well chosen it will bring more luck to your life.