The Name numerology can be used to identify a person’s potential and natural abilities as derived from the individual’s vocational number. Our vocational number reveals our natural liking or aptitude for a certain type of work. Knowing this number can help us avoid delays and obstacles in our careers and even daily tasks.






To find your vocational number, you must use your full name.To get your free reading convert the alphabetic figures of your first name, middle name, and surname into numbers and these together until reduced to a single digit. For example, a professor is named Dr. Ashok Kumar Sen:









ASHOK- 1+9+9+8+3=30=>3+0=>3

KUMAR- 3+5+1+1+6=16=>1+6=>7

SEN- 9+2+5=>16=>1+6=>7

Now add these three numbers until you reach a single digit.


Thus, the vocational number of Dr. Ashok Kumar Sen is 8; his name numerology will be deduced from the characteristics of this number.

Dr. Sen was a professor in a renowned college in the city. His academic career was excellent, but students did not admire him much as a professor. The number 8 favors executive work of all sorts, and people with a vocational number 8 are more successful in management than other professions. When Dr. Sen was offered the post of principal of the college, he hesitated. Ultimately, he took advice of a good numerologist and accepted the offer, becoming one of the most successful principals who was both rewarded and admired by administration and students. This example highlights the significance of name numerology.
Please note that we did not consider ‘Dr.’ in the number calculation. Do not count prefixes such as Dr. or Professor when calculating vocational numbers. However, if Dr. Sen was known among his friends as simply “Doctor,” his personality number would be derived from this name (i.e., “Doctor”).
Another question may arise from this example. Dr. Sen was qualified enough to have the opportunity to progress in his profession, but this is not always an option for everyone. In such cases, numerologists can suggest a second option: change your name slightly or adopt a completely new name so that your new vocational number matches your profession. In my country, most actors adopt a new name; people know them by this adopted name only.
Alphanumeric Table for calculation of name as well as birth numerology-

1-A, M, X

2-E, L, T,

3-B, K, V

4-C, D, Q

5-F, N, U

6-J, R, Z

7-I, P, W

8-G, O, Y

9-H, S
The vocational numbers in name numerology and the best suited jobs against each numbers are given below-


1-This is the number of independent or original work. Jobs related to planning and designing, developing a new kind of machine or a new process, teachers, lecturers, researchers, scientists, managers are best suited with this number.

2-This is the number of tact and diplomacy. Judges, arbitrators, jobs where filling or cataloging is involved are best suited with this number.

3-This name numerology number is extremely helpful for the occupations which need contact with general public. Public relation counsel, jobs related to sells marketing, publicity; advertising agents, stage performers, radio performers and call center executives are best suited with this number.

4-This is the number of industry and constructive work. Best suited jobs in this number are jobs in industry and construction firm, builders, engineers, city planners, craftsmen, mechanics. Not fit for a job where vivid imagination is called for.

5-Never casts a beneficial over any job that involves routine. This is the number for go getter, advantageous, brimming with new ideas who like to take a chance and do things on a bigger circle.

6-This is the name numerology number of honesty and devotion. Housewives, nurses, mission workers, social service officials, healing arts, public duty are the best suited job with this number.

7-This is the number of “lone wolf”, the man who makes his way alone and unaided-It helps in the jobs of artists, self performers especially where cooperation from others are not needed.

8-This number is perfect for the executives. Executives, managers in industry or in financial organization are best suited with this number. Number 8 stands for hard work, many disappointment and probability of success only after years of struggle.

9-This number is for those artists who are more interested in success than in genuine merit. In business and commerce the number 9 makes shrewdness and cleverness.

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