Nostradamus Prophecy-The Life & Premonitions of Nostradamus

Nostradamus was one of the most active prophets in the history of man. He made more than 3,000 prophecies that stretch out to year 3797 A.D. While many people believe half of these prophecies have already come true, it is still to be seen how accurate the other half will be.

His full name was Michel de Nostradamus and he was much more than a prophet. Born December 14, 1503 to a Jewish family, he went on to become a doctor of high repute. His days as a prolific prophet did not come until the late 1540s when he spent some time in Lorraine with a good friend named Seigneur de Florinville.

In his earlier years he did enjoy telling people what to expect in the near future, going off of their zodiac signs. Yet, his interests stayed with medicine until around 1547.

Nostradamus Prophecy-‘Centuries’ is Published

On May 4, 1955, the first book by Nostradamus was unleashed on the world. ‘Centuries’ was a work of prediction revealing his theories on what would occur in the near future for those of his time as well as in the far future for those to come after him. The book took mankind all the way to complete destruction and no one could wait to get their hands on it.

Unfortunately, few were able to completely understand the language Nostradamus used in this book. Scholars started to do understandable translations and release them onto the market through the late 1550s.

Nostradamus did explain in the book why he was using such difficult language and why he chose not to give the exact dates for the fulfillment of his predictions. He simply stated that he did not want to cause harm to anyone already in power that may suffer backlash if the dates were revealed and the situations were easily understood. He did not want his “contemporaries,” or those already living with him, to suffer any type of harm due to the predictions.

Yet, there are some mentions of specific dates throughout the book. For instance, he said that the year 1792 France would undergo changes that would usher in a “new age” with the people taking charge of the government. This actually came true with the French Revolution which led to an overthrow France’s monarchy.

Nostradamus Prophecy-How Accurate was Nostradamus?

What is amazing about the language Nostradamus used is that it is much easier to understand after a prediction has come true. Most people are confused by the language before the time has come and there have been great debates over what was meant by different passages over time. Yet, once it actually comes true there is no debate. It is very clear what was meant and that it has been fulfilled.

A lot of the predictions that have already come true surround the Royal family in England. For instance, there was a part of the book with premonitions about Queen Elizabeth I. Read the quote directly from the book:

“One, who has been cast away and wronged, will ascend the throne one day. Her enemies would be treated as traitors. She will reign for a long period and it shall be glorious. She will die at the age of 70 when it will be the third year.”

This was debated for some time, but then Queen Elizabeth came to the throne and her reign was magical for England. She was 70 years old when she died in 1603 (the third year of the century).

Another interesting accuracy of the book surrounds what Nostradamus called England in the book. He referred to England as Britain, but the name Britain was not used until after Nostradamus was dead.

Nostradamus Prophecy-Some other accuracies to be found within the book include:

* The very public death sentence of King Charles I. He said a King would be sentenced to death by the senate of London.
* The Great Fire and Great Plague of London
* The England-Netherland naval war in 1665-1667.
* King Edward VIII leaving the England throne so he could marry a woman he fell in love with.
* The lazy, socially awkward Prince of York being crowned King as George VI.
* The rise and fall of Hitler and Napolean.
* Atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He actually used the words “bombs” and predicted a sudden spread of fire with death and destruction on a massive scale.
* The tragedies in the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

While the currently living populations have been horrified and stunned at all of these events in history, they were all predicted centuries in advance in Nostradamus. When you really get into the book and realize how accurate he has been, it is actually a bit terrifying.

Nostradamus Prophecy – Prediction about his own death :

In fact, Nostradamus was so accurate in this book that he predicted his own death. He stated in the book that he would be found dead lying between his bed and a bench. The night before his death he called a good friend and announced that his time was up and he would be leaving the world. The friend stayed up for most of the night but eventually fell asleep. In the morning he found Nostradamus dead on the floor between the bed and a stool, just as he predicted in his book.

You could say the very last prediction of Nostradamus was the night he called that friend and predicted he would be dead by morning.