Numerology in the contemporary time is a much discussed subject. While some people hold a profound gusto to delve into it- others’ are passive- at least what they show explicitly.

But the real curiosity lies in unfolding the numbers in both the side in an implicit way. Even the numerologists are pondering into it since a long period of time- but to come out with almost no wonder.So, may be a public survey over this issue could put some light into this mystery. I personally feel the significance of such kind of a survey due to my intense inquisition in this regard.

The very day I came up with the concept to set up a website on Numerology- I decided to add a survey page on it. I believe that you also have a gushing urge to know about what others think of it.

As soon as you fill the form up the result smiles back to you at the very next moment on your computer screen. I need to keep records of the email addresses in order to prevent the survey from spammers and also keep it free from casual net surfers. I strongly believe that you would also prefer an authenticated report. So, please fill up the Form below- you may exclude one or two points according to your time and wish, bit I’ll request to fill up all the columns to get a complete report. Also tell your friends about this site and request them to take part on the survey.



Please put your veritable postulate for a 100% effective survey.