What Does 5 Mean in Numerology?

All those born on 5, 14, or 23 of any month come under numerology 5 and are dominated by the number 5. The number five is the fruit of the feminine number two and the masculine number three, though there is no intention of producing offspring from the two.

Thus, number five lacks in personality and distinction. Other numbers set rules, but number five breaks those rules. It is an attention-seeking child out to turn heads in naughty ways. Not one to be told what to do or where to go; this number is prone to doing its own thing despite the response from others.

This number is eye-catching and powerfully seductive, but all others must be careful as it is very explosive and inconsistent. It is not known for being reliable or faithful to others. Yet, there is a lot of fun and enjoyment to be gained from this number. It is strongly associated with human eyes, which stands for taking in the world’s pleasures in a satisfying manner.

What are the Characteristics of Numerology Number 5?

General Characteristics – The general characteristics of numerology five persons say that these people are active and fond of changes. They assess everything in terms of money. Their grasping power is fast. They love to travel. They are fluent in writing as well as speaking. They easily overcome failures.

Strength – Dynamism, action-oriented, love of changes and freedom, amusement, entertainment, good administrative capacity, business-minded, occult power, religious.

Weakness – Lack of concentration, restlessness, nervousness, discontentment, lustfulness. Love of pleasure, wine and woman; distrust of others.

Opportunity -Achieve name and fame, success in business and service with the cooperation of others.

Threat – May lead the person to do illegal business. Affection towards women and wine may disturb everyday life.

Health – Suffers from nervousness and tension.

Finance – Lucky in money matters. Capable of developing their own business and carrying out their plans. They are successful in any business and even in gambling or a business of speculation.

Compatible Numbers for Relationships – 1 and 5.

Attractive Numbers -3 and 9.

Repulsive Numbers – 2 and 4.

Influenced By – Mercury influences number 5 persons.

Development Comes in the Year– 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23, 28, 33, 37, 41, 50, 55, 59, 64 and 68.

Lucky Numbers – 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Unlucky Numbers -2 and 9.

Lucky Color – Green.

Gem – Emerald.

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