The number has an important role to play even in our sexual life also. In this page of numerology and sex you can discover how the numbers and inner desire of sexual urge are inter-related.

To know your number, you will have to add the numbers of your date of birth, until you reach to a single digit character.

For an example if your date of birth is 15th January 1985 it comes to 15-01-1985. So to find your number add


Your looks towards sex will be same as described against the number 3 below.

Sexual Numerology describes the inner desire against each number.

1- An pompous lover, aggressive sexuality, tendency towards supremacy and domination, passionate, forceful.

2- Romantic and sometimes disguised sexuality, elegance, affection, passiveness, covert, shy, ambiguity.

3- Theatrical sexuality, unnatural, inventive, sex is a source of happiness and fantasy, a childish personality leads to an immature sexuality.

4- Sometimes a overwhelming intense sexuality, sometimes blocked desire, violence and sensitivity, traditional, can control crude instincts.

5- Passionate and ardent sexuality, physical eagerness overcomes romance or affection, fantasies are a must, needs to experiment, a fearless lover, sometimes violent, be mad and wild about sex, walking the path of excess to find pleasure.

6- Lovey-dovey, sex for child birth, love. Family is the idea or impulses behind the sex.

7- Self-eroticism, masturbation, attraction related to the intellect, both in the sense that the person gets excited over an others’ intelligence, as well as being a person who conceptualizes sexuality, living out hidden fantasies, Coldness- in this way numerology and sex are inter related for number 7.

8- Too much crazy about sex, looks delicate and soft, but may be scandalous, passionate, exaggerates, sex is linked to power, especially to material power. opportunist- specially for using sex to build power and influence, even money play a vital role behind the sex or a sexual appeal.

9- Anxiety, inventiveness, experimentation, sex may be used as an outlet of anxiety, which may be constructive or not, depending on the circumstances, some people can not be loyal to one person, so chances of polygamy is associated with this number.

Numerology and Sex for Master Numbers 11 and 22-

11- Double-entendre, originality, unconventional, unusual, experimental; sex as the highest sacrament or the lower vice, both following a path beyond polarity.

22- Numerology sexuality for number 22 indicates hidden passion. Out of control intense sexuality may be experimental or perverted- and perversion is a cultural concept, which changes dramatically from culture to culture.