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Hans Decoz has been a leading Master Numerologist for more than 30 years. His latest work includes several new reports and new calculation methods that bring unmatched clarity and insight to his readings. His new work incorporates the way your core numbers influence one another, an added dimension that makes your readings even more incisive and personal.


Each in-depth reading is created specifically for you – using your unique name and date of birth


 3 NUMEROLOGY CHARTS: Proportional Chart, Decoz Chart, and Chart Calculator

3 NUMEROLOGY TOOLS: Phone Analyzer, Address Analyzer, Lost Object Finder

FREE DAILY FORECAST: Based on your Personal Year, Month, and Day numbers

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INTEGRAGED PERSONALITY PROFILE – 32 pages describing over 40 aspects of your chart. Learn more about how your numbers affect your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, true purpose, and life cycles

 YEARLY-MONTHLY FORECAST – Uncover the influences you will encounter this year, including specific details for each month

 TALENT PROFILE – Examine 74 traits and 39 vocations, highlighting your in-born abilities and talents

 RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY – Compares important traits between you and your partner, friend, family or co-worker. Check your compatibility with as many people as you like for this profile and the Relationship Forecasts for 1 year

 RELATIONSHIP FORECAST MONTHLY – Learn about the changing similarities and differences that will affect your relationships each month.

 RELATIONSHIP FORECAST YEARLY –  See how your Essence and Personal Year cycles compare with people you are close to – and how it may affect your relationship

 DIAMOND SPIRIT REPORT – This report reveals the way your experiences in the physical world affect your spiritual awareness, and the way your spiritual development affects your physical life. Create 12 readings per year

 LUCKY NUMBERS – Calculate your personal Lucky Numbers (based on your name and date of birth) for the day, month, and year. Check daily for 1 year

 ANCESTRAL INFLUENCES – Discover the way your family name influenced your ancestors – and which similarities or differences you share. Analyze 12 names

 BUSINESS NAME ADVISOR – Great for naming your business or product. Chose a name that carries the feeling you want to convey. Analyze 24 names

INDIVIDUAL NAME ANALYZER – Analyzes traits, strengths and short comings in a person’s name. Create a mini-reading for people you know, or use to choose a baby or pet name, or your own name change. Analyze 24 names

INNER REFLECTIONS READING – The I Ching of numerology. Access your subconscious to select a range of numbers that reveal your state of mind on a profound level. Create 12 per year

Download to your Mac, PC, or Android Tablet and enter discount code: JAYANTI for an instant 10% discount!

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For Windows/PS

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