Find Your Partner With The Power of Numbers!

Numerology has a unique method for determining numerology love compatibility. Unfortunately, this method has not been understood by people due to their ignorance of this subject.

Using numerology, you can determine whether two individuals who intend to live together for the rest of their lives have a natural compatibility or not.

Do you feel compatible with your love partner?

This is a question you must ask yourself before going all-in for your love relationship. 

Love is a magical affair between two people. The mix of privacy and warmth in a relationship makes it the most desirable feeling on the planet. And you have every right to experience the Taste of Love.

But let’s be a little generous and get straight!

Two people might even be close friends or may share a business relationship. But love you know, invades just about every individual and place on earth.

Undoubtedly, love has a magical power that can transform your life big time, if you have got the power to receive the blessing of love. 

Welcome To The Clan, Friend! Fortune smiles on you!

Falling in Love is A Blessing 

We are on the same wavelength trying to find a love match for you. Wonder what’s in store for you!

We, The Duo numerologists walk the same length and help you find a numerology love compatibility match.

Here we go!

Everyone of us have gone through those sweet moments in our lives. We all cherish and love them. Don’t we? But can we ever dare to lose them? 

No, right!

Love is a limited time game. If you can’t score a match now you will never be able to win the game of love. That’s why you need to understand the concept of numerology love compatibility.

We all have that magical feeling when someone special fills our hearts with joy. Unfortunately, most of us cripple our relationships and live a sad life. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

In this guide, we’ll help you uncover the secrets of love compatibility. You’ll learn how to calculate your numerology love compatibility and find a perfect match for your life.

Love – The Affair of The Same Wavelength

Numbers riding a similar wavelength are the most compatible ones. As you meet your own number, things instantly get hot. These connections flow like water and find a common destiny filled with magic. The best thing is, you will never drain out with your own number as long as you belong to the same frequency energy-wise.

Compatible love life will offer a life of richness, and the same will reflect in your personality.

Why Numerology Love Compatibility is so Important

Your relationship is not a consequence of your choice alone. It’s your partner’s call as well. Both of you work together to make your relationship a lasting one. One thing is sure, your love and relationships revolve around compatibility.

You might be in an undying love relationship where your partner cares the most for you. Love, at the start, feels so wonderful to all of us. Is there any doubt about it? We want to stay in that love zone forever. But change is inevitable and touches all our lives with no exception. 

As time passes by, you realize there is a lot more to explore besides those surprise kisses and tender touch. Of course, it feels great to be in love, but it often turns ugly for a lot of people out there. So, it’s a matter of how compatible you are with your partner. Does your partner also feel the same about you?

Time Stands Alone

Over time, you get to know each other more deeply, and that’s when you get to know the other sides of your partner. You will discover some personality traits in your partner that you don’t like much while other traits that you really cherish. So, it’s natural to give in all you have for that special feeling.

Even though you consider your relationship a perfect match, you are likely to encounter a few areas of possible friction. Not that, every other person out there is incompatible, but time serves the best recipe for all of us. 

The whole purpose of numerology love compatibility is to point out the distinct personality traits two people possess and how compatible they are. In simple words, numerology is a signboard that helps you unravel the positive and negative situations in your love life. 

As you travel an unknown road, it’s better to seek guidance from a master numerologist.

Find your numerology love compatibility with us to know if you will have a festive love life ahead. Let’s go!

How to Calculate Numerology Love Compatibility?

numerology love

Numerology compatibility is an ancient tool to find the match between two persons. Of course, it’s a match between a boy and a girl, but we can also use it for friends and parental compatibility.

Doesn’t matter if math wasn’t your favorite subject in school, finding your life path number is fairly simple. All you need is a pen, paper, and a calculator.

To calculate your love compatibility, you need to find the Four Numbers for both partners. They are:

1. Life Path Number

2. Expression Number

3. Heart’s Desire Number

4. Personality Number 

Life Path Number:

The quickest way to find your Life Path Number is by analyzing your unique date of birth. Numerology is all about breaking down to the root number. To do this, you need to add up all the numerical values of your date of birth (day, month, and the year you were born) until you get a single-digit number. Well, you need to exclude 11 and 22 known as the Master Numbers. The single-digit number you get at the end is your Life Path Number.

For example: Let’s say your birthday is on May 8, 1968, or 5/8/1968.

First, reduce your birth year to a single digit by adding all its digits together. 

Here, 1+9+6+8=24, Then, 2+4=6.

In this case, the month and day already have single digits. So, we can now add each of the values together. 

=> 6 (for the year) + 8 (for the day) + 5 (for the month) = 19.

Finally, add those two digits together until you get a single-digit: 1+9 = 10. 

Again, 1+0 = 1.

So, your Life Path Number is 1.

What Does Your Life Path Number Signify?

Your life path number reveals truths about the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime. In a nutshell, your life path is the road you are traveling. It lays out the list of opportunities and challenges you will face ahead in life.

Life Path Numbers make up the most important numbers in your charts. That’s why their compatibility is equally crucial for the well-being of your relationship.

Expression Number:

Your Expression Number is lurking in the letters of your full birth name. We are talking about your name here that reflects in your birth certificate as well. Please do not refer to the adopted name under any circumstance.

In Numerology, every letter of the alphabet has a specific single-digit numeric value. Many people only calculate their first name but we say it’s a fallacy. Your surname has a lot to reveal about your individual history. It helps you get a clear picture of the energy expression you carry within. Write out that middle name too. Let’s not leave any stone unturned while analyzing your love compatibility.

To find your Expression Number, write out your full birth name including your first name, middle name, and last name. Follow the alphabet chart and assign numbers to each letter of your name. Add all the numerals in your birth date and bring it down to a single-digit number. This single-digit number you get at the end is your Expression Number.

For Example: Let’s assume, your name is Albean Loan Sorin

Below given are the numeric values for each letter of your name.

A = 1, L = 3, B = 2, E = 5, A = 1, N = 5

L = 3, O = 6, A = 1, N = 5

S = 1, O = 6, R = 9, I = 9, N = 5


Here we go—

1+3+2+5+1+5= 17 => 1+7=8

3+6+1+5=15 => 1+5= 6

1+6+9+9+5=30 =>3+0=3

The final sum is:

8+6+3=17 =>1+7=8

So, your Expression Number is 8.

Your Expression Number says a lot about your physical and mental constitution. In simple words, it offers insights into the orientation or goal of your life. Numerologists often refer to this number as the Destiny Number and there’s a solid reason behind that. Your Destiny Number represents a lifelong target that you aim to achieve in the future of your life. You give all you have got to make the dream of your life come true every day. 

The Expression Number reveals your inner goals and the kind of person you want to become in life. Read out the Expression Number below to understand your true nature, behavior, and the inherent abilities and issues you have got in this piece of life.

Heart’s Desire Number

The letters in your name have a special message for you. Your name has the secret key to a little something called your Heart’s Desire Number.

How To Calculate Your Heart’s Desire Number?

1. Identify and sum up the values of the vowels in your full birth name: A = 1, I =9, E = 5, U = 3, O = 6. FYI, include your full name that includes your first, middle, and last name. Consider using the last name of your birth in case your name changed after marriage.

2. If you get the result in double digits, add the digits further, and don’t stop till you reach a single digit. This is your heart’s desire number.

Your Heart’s Desire is your innermost yearning. It is your dream closest to your heart. It is that hidden urge you like to keep to yourself. In fact, it is an intrinsic motivation that drives most of the actions in your life. To sum it up, it influences almost every small choice you make in your life. Be it your relationships, career, or lifestyle habits, it touches every part of your life.

Your heart’s desire is the outlook of your life’s bigger picture, known as the core numbers. These core numbers cover the Life Path, expression of your energy, the day of your birth, and your personality traits as well. Each of them speaks a volume about your life aspects.

Personality Number

Your personality is the external you. It is your inherent traits that you exhibit outward and allows people to know you well. To find out your personality number, you need to add the values of consonants you have in your full birth name. You need not do anything besides the process to find Expression Number and Heart’s Desire Number. All you need is to consider the values of consonants in your full birth name.

Your Personality is like a narrow passage to the great Church hall which is your real character. It is all about those aspects that you feel comfortable sharing with others. Over time, you invite people to come into the deepest expression of your nature. You reveal who you are from inside and that extends to your Heart’s Desire, Expression, and whatnot.

Your personality number declares how others feel about you. It’s rare for an individual to get objective about himself or herself. Not only that, even our closest mates and relatives find it hard to describe how they see us.

All thanks to your personality number! Figuring out your personality is quick and easy and will help you travel the path of self-discovery. 

Prepare Your Report:

Evaluate all the four numbers mentioned above in the post for both you and your partner. Quickly find the compatibility chart below. Check out for yourself- how many of those numbers seem compatible, how many are incompatible, and how any falls in the neutral category.

Long story short, if you find your numbers to be either 70% neutral or compatible, you are good to move on. But, if you encounter over 30% number incompatibility, you must seek professional advice from a master numerologist.

To find the compatible numbers ( or numerology love compatibility) for your love, first determine the numerology number for your love

 Number: 1

Compatible numbers: 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9

Incompatible numbers: 4 and 5

Neutral number: 8

Number: 2

Compatible numbers: 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9

Incompatible numbers: 3, 5, and 8

Neutral numbers: 7

Number: 3

Compatible numbers: 1, 6, 7, and 9

Incompatible numbers: 2 and 8

Neutral numbers: 4, and 5

Number: 4

Compatible numbers: 2, 4, 6, and 7

Incompatible numbers: 1 and 8

Neutral numbers: 5, 9, and 3

Number: 5

Compatible numbers: 6

Incompatible numbers: 2, 5, 7, 8, and 1

Neutral numbers: 9, 3, and 4

Number: 6

Compatible numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9

Incompatible numbers: None

Neutral numbers: 7 and 8

Number: 7

Compatible numbers: 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9

Incompatible numbers: 5

Neutral numbers: 8, 2, and 6

 Number: 8

Compatible numbers: None

Incompatible numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9

Neutral numbers: 7 and 1

 Number: 9

Compatible numbers: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. and 9

Incompatible numbers: 8

Neutral numbers: 4 and 5

Follow the guidelines shared on this page to create your own numerology love compatibility report. In case you want a detailed report with hints and pointers, contact us to hear from a master numerologist.

We offer a numerology love compatibility report against a very nominal fee. Access your love compatibility chart today.