Numerology Marriage Compatibility: Key to a compatible and successful married bliss:

Is there anyone at all who wouldn’t desire a perfect married life? In today’s world of rising consumerism and the rat race of technological progress, the divorce or separation issues are crumbling the society to its roots. The scenario of married life was still healthier of the past generation. If the real reason is questioned behind the course of events which resulted in the present situation, the people have a common response to it. It’s the same story over and over again, they are not compatible and the frequencies between them do not match or even worse scenario is that they do not understand each other well.

Lack of understanding actually sucked the life out of their relationship. All such responses are not some kind of lame excuses; on the contrary they are very much true. The explanation is quite simple, marriage of the present times, be it arranged or love is mostly dominated by the physical appearance of individuals rather than inner beauty. The initial phase is all about the appearance but gradually you get to know each other well, this is when the difference raises its ugly little head and along with it brings the parade of complications, every tiny detail starts bothering you. The intricacies start to annoy each other initially, but then obvious reasons and differences are impossible to ignore. This is where Numerology can come in handy and be the knight in shining armor for the failing relationship; numerology marriage compatibility can help you a lot. Very few people are aware of the little games lady luck plays with the fate. If the awareness is publicized it might help a lot of couples and save many marriages.

The only question is how?

In order to grasp the essence of the numerology marriage compatibility, one need to understand what does numerology really means.

Numerology is a paranormal art which explains or reveals the inner characteristics of any individual. The inner character at times can be solely revealed with the help of a few numbers which are derived from the birth date and the birth name. This process requires no proof as it has been put to practice and has helped millions of people around the world over the years.

The benefits of knowing your partner better needs no details or any kind of elaboration as it is always better to be prepared. Knowing your better half not only does come in handy, and knowing that the person is best suited or you. The flaws are no more a surprise package rather you know everything and see the problem eye to eye. The true beauty of numerology is that everything can be revealed even if the individual is ignorant of it.

For instance, if according to numerology you are number one, then you are a leader by nature and you exhibit an act of dominance. In case your wife also shares the same number, she will have the same traits of control; hence, the conflict is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before your marriage? It is advisable to avoid such conjugal connection. As it is without any doubt a recipe for disaster. In case you discovered it post marriage, there are measure one can take to avoid any kind of disagreement by practicing self control. On the other hand if you are a number one and your wife is peace loving number two, it is without any doubt a good match, which would strike a perfect balance.


Now let us consider another example: say you are a number eight, which means you are ambitious and energetic, where as your wife being number three she is creative and fond of art. If you are already aware about such uniqueness of her personality then you can mould yourself accordingly, otherwise ignorance towards her talents can cause an incorrect attitude, as it might seem to you as wastage of money and lack of materialistic value. If it happens so that you lose some money or even your temperament, it would lead to a crack in the relationship causing the partners to drift apart. These are just instances, but there are various combinations which should be scrutinized well before taking any kind of decisions.

A very common misconception is people confuse simple numerology compatibility test with numerology marriage compatibility. In case of numerology marriage compatibility you have to be a wee bit careful as there are a few numbers which are compatible to each other in numerology but as far as marriage numerology compatibility is concerned it might not be compatible at all.


So, now the question arises is how to check numerology marriage compatibility?

This part is really a cake walk. On this very site you can look up for all the information you need about the numerology numbers. Find out how you can calculate the core numbers for the partners. The best way is to note down each and every detail on a piece of paper or in your computer. The next step is you have to compare the characteristics derived from the numbers for both the partners. After you have the facts straight, you can start on the applied part where all the logic is put to use to prepare a detailed compatibility report for yourself.

In case you want to save the pain of doing all these brilliant calculations, it is best advised to pick an experienced numerologist in exchange to a very negligible amount for all the tedious calculations and processing the information. The work of experienced person would not only guarantee a better analysis but also an accurate computation of the values.

It would result into a perfect marriage. If you are already married then you can find the reason to all the differences emerging in your relationship, so don’t wait and waste precious time. Get your numerology marriage compatibility test done today itself and lead a wonderful married life. Hope you enjoy the desired lie known as blissful marriage.