Numerology Compatibility Numbers for Marriage

How Do You Calculate Marriage Compatibility in Numerology?

Is there anyone who wouldn’t desire a perfect married life? Marriage today, be it arranged or love, is mainly dominated by the physical appearance of individuals rather than inner beauty. This is where numerology compatibility for marriage comes in.

The initial phase is all about appearance, but gradually, you get to know each other well. This is when the difference raises its ugly little head and, along with it, brings a parade of complications; every tiny detail starts bothering you.

The intricacies initially annoy each partner, but obvious reasons and differences are impossible to ignore. This is where numerology can come in handy and be the knight in shining armor for a failing relationship; numerology marriage compatibility can help you a lot. Very few people know the little games Lady Luck plays with fate. If the awareness is publicized, it might help a lot of couples and save many marriages.

Numerology Compatibility Numbers

The only question is how?

One needs to understand what numerology means to grasp the essence of the numerology of marriage compatibility.

Numerology is a paranormal art that explains or reveals an individual’s inner characteristics. At times, the internal character can be solely revealed with the help of a few numbers derived from the birth date and the birth name. 

The benefits of knowing your partner better need no details or elaboration. Knowing your better half is handy, as is knowing the person who best suits you. The flaws are no longer a surprise package; instead, you know everything and see the problem eye to eye. The true beauty of numerology is that everything can be revealed even if the individual is unaware.

Numerology Compatibility Numbers

For instance, if, according to numerology, you are number one, then you are a leader by nature, and you exhibit an act of dominance. If your wife shares the same number, she will have the same control traits; hence, conflict is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before your marriage? It is advisable to avoid such conjugal connections. As it is, without any doubt, a recipe for disaster. In case you discover it post-marriage, there are measures one can take to avoid any disagreement by practicing self-control. On the other hand, if you are number one and your wife is peace-loving number two, it is undoubtedly a good match, which would strike a perfect balance.

Now let us consider another example: say you are number eight, which means you are ambitious and energetic, whereas your wife, being number three, is creative and fond of art. If you are already aware of the uniqueness of her personality, then you can mould yourself accordingly. Otherwise, ignorance towards her talents can cause an incorrect attitude, as it might seem like a waste of money and a lack of materialistic value. If you lose some money or even your temperament, it will lead to a crack in the relationship, causing the partners to drift apart. These are just instances, but various combinations should be scrutinized before deciding.

A widespread misconception is people confuse simple numerology compatibility tests with numerology marriage compatibility. In the case of numerology marriage compatibility, you have to be careful as there are a few numbers that are compatible with each other in numerology. Still, as far as marriage numerology compatibility is concerned, they might not be compatible at all.

How Do You Check Numerology Marriage Compatibility?

On this site, you can find all the information you need about numerology numbers. Find out how you can calculate the core numbers for the partners. The best way is to note every detail on a piece of paper or your computer. The next step is to compare the characteristics derived from the numbers for both partners. After you have the facts straight, you can start on the applied part, where all the logic is used to prepare a detailed compatibility report for yourself.

It would result in a perfect marriage. If you are already married, you can find the reason for all the differences emerging in your relationship, so don’t wait and waste precious time. Get your numerology marriage compatibility test today, and lead a wonderful married life. 

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