21/3- Wealth, prosperity, can make one a writer and even a great scholar, difficulties in early part of the life.

22- Plenty of wealth, force one into illegal ways of earning and deception, in course of time, the number may produce internal problems or problems with the Government.

23/5- Loves people, promoter, a quitter, impractical, till wealth, prosperity and honor are seen.

24/6- Encourage and relieve others, like music, particularly rhythm, domestic life is disturbed.

25/7- Spiritual mind or even leadership, prefer collective activities, misunderstanding, over sensitive, egoist.

26/8- If suited the number ensures success at the top most level, excellent in business and management, but if not suited causes failures, sorrows, diseases, debts, disappointments and narrow mind.

27/9- Counselor volunteer, or an artist, and is often successful. Quick temper and rashness are seen.

28/10/1- The number is under the influence of Saturn. This gives success in the beginning but failure at end.

29/11- Restless mind, and may lead to neurotic disorder, not a social number, creates confusion in domestic life.

30/3- Communication and creativity, has a great sense of humor, and while jovial, can be superficial.

31/4- Extrovert and fun-loving, creative, difficulties in profession, loss of fame is seen.

32/5- Receptive, moody, the seat of learning, has the power of attraction.

33/6- The number is called the Christ number. It represents the unselfishness, cooperation, benevolent and success.


34/7- Self-determination, leadership, imaginative, exclusivity, crudeness, criticism, intelligence, systematic, rigor, formal, intolerance are the traits associated with this number.

35/8- This number indicates growth, budding up, development, great ambition, vanity, wealth, confidence, attraction, indistinctness, yang/yin equilibrium, changes, dynamism, modernity, arrogance, narcissism.

36/9- Execution, totality, universality, strength of mind, firmness, imagination, flexibility towards obstacle, compassion; the composition of 36 results in 666, the number of the magic square of the Sun.

37/10/1- Independence, courage, boldness, leadership, mentally powerful, maturity, implacability, fertile imagination, self-centered, hypothetical, dominance; it is very hot number which may cause many obstacles in business or at office.

38/11- Perception, vision, capacity of adapting revolutionary ideas to the conventional, wealth, mixture of creative and business talent, farsighted dreams, risk of decadence deep insight of subtle energies are the traits associated with this number.

39/12/3- Extra-ordinary knowledge, romanticism, fragility, a sense of humor, maturity, disposition, theoretical better than practical, impediment, research are the traits, this is the number of tranquility and placidity, coming from 12, but still in an intense way, provided by 39.

40/4- This number indicates the advent of blocks and obstacles, yet it is a fortunate number from a materialistic point of view. It helps to develop knowledge, to adapt purification before realization, discipline, traditionalism, and inflexibility. 41/5- This number has a power to confer royal honor, position and wealth. The number denotes versatility, adaptability, courage, security even when taking risks, daring, potency, and fertility.

42/6- Feebleness, possessiveness, jealousy are the negative traits of this number. Yet it helps to get honorable friends, position and success in public life. The number 4 in the yang position is less bad than 2 in the same position as it is in 24.

43/7- Firmness, skill, potent mind, power, intelligence, parsimony, trustworthy, strong health. The subject may find the beginning always difficult which may cause confusion, hesitation in making decision at early stage of planning.

44/8- Credibility, struggle, determination, patience, caution, materialism, skepticism, prejudice, illusion, and greediness are the common traits.

45/9- Theology, anxiety, vigor, restlessness, distant communication, psychic energy, influential friends, precipitation are indicated.

46/10/1- Material power, strength, social influence, dealing with law and papers, demanding but not a dictator, favoritism, obsession, smartness, persuasions, and impulsiveness are associated with this number.

47/11- This number indicates deception, sudden dangers, trials, sixth sense, lack of spontaneity, and grief through a life partner.

48/12/3- Slowness, nervousness, idleness, waste of opportunities, lack of confidence, kind, gentle, shy, hesitating are the traits.

49/13/4- This is a mental number and indicates restlessness. Saturn plays a dominant role in their lives. Adverse conditions turn into success – the result of a great obsession; always helped by somebody or something, in a strange and spontaneous way.

50/5- Libido, sexuality, sensuality, impassivity, lasciviousness, trips, moving, internationalism, inconstancy, alternate period of solitary and sociability are the traits.

51/6- Uniqueness, art, persuasiveness are the traits; the subject is a fighter, a troublemaker, argumentative, too haughty, brilliant yet impatience, suffer from uncertainty due to too much pretension, and may sacrifice (but not without a reward).

52/7- This may give spiritual outlook and knowledge. It indicates authoritarianism, anxiety, rushes, ponder, rude, penny-pinching, and cold in nature.

53/8- The subject with this number wants to make lots of things at the same time. Disorganized, rationality, objectivity, preciosity, ready to face challenge, daring, development are the common traits.

54/9- This is a successful and strong number. Some road blocks that must be pushed away so fluency and spontaneity can flow naturally for 5 and 9. The end may be violent and no family happiness is indicated.

55/10/1- Great energy, confrontation, trips, communicability, urging, sexuality, pioneering, cheerfulness, smartness, craftiness, irony, pessimism, interest in religion and metaphysics are the traits.

56/11- This is a powerful number; it involves microcosm as well as macrocosm. Perfect intuition, balancing nature, originality, right decision, and aesthetic sense are the traits. They should avoid delay and indecision.

57/12/3- Concealed recklessness, dichotomy between intention and action, apparently parsimonious but actually passionate, prudent, intelligent, easily understands others point of views, charity, sacrifice, and fears are the traits.

58/13/4- Introspection, ego centrism, break in proceedings, discontinue, solitude, understanding, perception readjustment causing transformation and may have tend to obsessive habits that may damage health.

59/14/5- Ups and downs, instinctive energy, sex, games, risks, adventure, a supple mind, giddiness, lack of compromise, cowardice are associated with this number.

60/6- Social balance, concord, serenity, aesthetic, health, relationship, results, fertility, imagination, liveliness, sweetness, compassion are the common traits.

61/7- The fear of being discovered, subjugation, hidden emotions, isolation, fears linked to religion or witchcraft, and the intelligence to deal with insecurity are associated with this number.

62/8- The number indicates stagnation, constraint, postponement, impasse, meekness. This is a mature number which insists on behaving emotionally, and the subject should avoid building castles in the air.

63/9- This is a very confusing number. This can do both good and bad. Balance, reformation, mission, missionary, formation, art, sovereignty, regenerating quality, too idealistic etc are the traits associated with this number.

64/10/1- The number indicates success in the beginning, but later on, one may encounter disappointment. Strong personality, consequence, materialization, hard work, organization, charisma, truth, are the qualities which may help one to progress but may be ruined later by the tricks of the ego.

65/11- Solid base allows one to take risks with the guarantee of protection; this is the number of Adonai, the Holy guardian Angel. Charisma, silence, elevation, growing, building are the common traits.

66/12/3- Security, steadiness, communication, appearance, family, responsibility, moralist, sociable, popular are the traits associated with this number.

67/13/4- Symbolizes the alteration of periods, lots of things happen suddenly at once, represent a threat, strictness, panic, difficulty in dealing with money, but can be productive, if it learns how to avoid being pretentious.

68/14/5- This is a bad number. This can ruin domestic happiness; create worries, financial problems, business troubles etc. It can spur a person on the spiritual path.

69/15/6- Emotional, impetuous, lascivious, affectionate, partial, strong, anticipation, luxury, ostentation, comfort, and works exclusively under the edge of lust.

70/7- It indicates seriousness, inflexibility, introspection, critical analysis, tends to power abuse (which happens when 7 loses its self-criticism). Good fortune can be expected if he learns how to keep the secrets.

71/8- Honor, dignity, pride, opportunities, taciturnity, reserve, serious, interested, stable through ups and downs are the traits associated with this number.

72/9- Theory diverges from practice, difficulty being objective, contradiction between speech and approach, perplexity, understanding, capacity for transformation, mercy are the common traits.

73/10/1- Wisdom, centralization, parenthood, organize, ego centrism, charity, sense of right and wrong, eloquence, teacher, prudence, philosophical mind are the traits associated with this number.

74/11- It indicates talent for good speech and the arts. It also tends to destroy the intuitive process. Strong perception should be channeled in the right way, because the great power of this mind would badly affect the environment if it concentrates on evil things.

75/12/3- Searches for freedom of speech, he or she should work hard to have the desired result. Creative talent and latent communicability are the other traits.

76/13/4- Easily manipulated by others, excessive humility, great capacity for organization, and the person knows the way to go but hesitates.

77/14/5- This is a difficult number. The person is empowered with psychological and/or magic knowledge which may be misused time to time. Great charisma may guide this person through unsuspected heights.

78/15/6- It indicates cause and effect, calculated risk, intellect, communication, determination, sociability and sense of opportunity.

79/16/7- This number has power to charm people. This can win over enemies and the success is permanent in nature.

80/8- Noble character, advancement, affluence, success, expansion, justice, adjustment, favorable decisions, reliability, self-respect, fairness, exaggerated rigor are the traits associated with this number.


81/9- It indicates the subject is impulsive, budding, prefers evolution, and may have clash on egos. It indicates conflict though that can be very productive. The person should learn to keep the anxiety under control.

82/10/1- Defined aim, step by step ascension, conscience of own qualities and defects, achievement, strength of mind, discreet leadership are the traits associated with this number.

83/11- It indicates connection, information, brightness, capacity for influencing people, bold ideas adapted to ordinary conclusion, undercover access in hostile environment.

84/12/3- Fear, anxiety, obsession, confounds rationalism with pessimism, behaves like “the victim”, wants attention are the type of traits associated with this number.

85/13/4- It indicates flexibility, adaptability, mutability, idleness, cynicism, exoticism, over-spending, sudden changes, hidden authoritarianism, and imagination.

86/14/5- Hypocrisy, falsehood, recklessness, can fake something naturally and easily, blameless activities, hides a volcano inside are the traits.

87/15/6- Intellect, capacity to evolve, dynamism, momentum, lavishness, comfort, wealth, showiness, inheritance and inclination to spiritual thoughts are associated with this number.

88/16/7- It indicates practicality, stubbornness, passion, oppressive, anxiety, inflexibility, and cynicism.

89/17/8- Affluence, acquisitiveness, kindness, trust, judgment, quick thought, suppleness, reward, benefice, fanaticism, intolerance are the common traits.

90/9- One has to work hard to get success. One should familiarize himself about the uncertainty present in people and things.

91/10/1- It indicates alteration between generosity and autocracy, dualism and flexibility, and possesses a dominating personality.

92/11- This is the number of plenitude, accomplishment, spiritual force, impulse, ahead- of- the- times personality, gentleness, and diplomacy. Good dealing with conservatives is seen even though 11 is always a rebel.

93/12/3- Privations and sacrifices are rewarded. It indicates development, helps through friends, maturity, pleasure even in difficult moments, capable to face any challenge with serenity and sense of humor.

94/13/4- Evolutionary impulse blocked by reticence. It indicates rejuvenation, pessimism, and uncertainty.

95/14/5- Commanding nature, wealth, scary but inoffensive instincts are associated with this number.

96/15/6- It indicates excitement, romance, lasciviousness, wedding or union related to work or matter. Lack of control may be caused by emotionalism

97/16/7- Acquisition of properties and spiritual progress are indicated. This gives success in profession and a stable financial position.

98/17/8- The number indicates material and professional success, tranquility, hope, ‘sometimes confused but always reasonable’ type of nature.

99/18/9- The capacity for creation in an enlarged way, progress, confusion, and anxiety are associated with this number.

100/1- The person has a very dominant personality but apparently has a sweet temper. The number imparts knowledge. Wealth and ability are also indicated by this number.