One’s numerology personality number governs relationships with those about the individual, such as friends, family, or even colleagues.

To determine your numerology personality number, consider the name by which those closest to you call you. Add the corresponding number of each letter of your name until you reach to a single digit number between 1 and 9. For example, Mr. Chandan Kumar Basu wants to know what his personality number is. His friends call him Babul, so the numerology personality number is derived from this name:
3(B) +1(A) +3(B) +5(U) +2(L) =>14=>1+4=>5

Alphanumeric Table for calculation of personality number –

1- A, M, X

2- E, L, T

3- B, K, V

4- C, D, Q

5- F, N, U

6- J, R, Z

7- I, P, W

8- G, O, Y

9- H, S

Thus, Babul’s personality number is 5, which has a special influence on his relationships with his friends, family, and girlfriend. Babul is a sociable man who likes to have many friends; he wants to have long-term relationships with them, especially his girlfriend. The number 5 is a number of great personal charms, enabling him to make friends easily. However, it is also the number of the fickle, meaning warm-hearted relations cannot be continued for long periods.
As a numerologist, you can suggest that Babul either change the spelling of his name or adopt an entirely new name. For example, spelling his name Bulbul makes his personality number:

3(B) +5(U) +2(L) +3(B) +5(U) +2(L) =>20=>2+0=>2
Number 2 is the number of romance. It helps to attract friends and maintain long-term friendships, which is more in line with this individual’s desire to have a strong and long-lasting relationship with his girlfriend.
Abbreviated meaning of the Personality numbers- (Those who are keen to know about zodiac signs personality traits or zodiac signs personality may try numerology personality number as it gives them a chance to better the relationships with others. Unlike zodiac signs personality you can improve your relationship by changing the spelling of your name or by the way of adopt an entirely new name.)

1. Friendly, enthusiastic, of good spirit, creating admirers and loyal followers: Powerful affection in love with a chance of possessiveness and attempt to dominate the partner unduly.


2. Romantic disposition, favorable to love affairs, conversationalist, general affability and friendliness, tactful, kind, gentle, amiable spirit.


3. Gay and happy, generosity, always welcome company, eager to lend a helping hand, promotes spirit of joyous comradeship, passionate, conducive to very deep in love.


4.” Business before pleasure attitude”, not favorable in making friends, tempted to bury them in love.

5. Great personal charm, favors activity and gaiety, friends made easily, favorable to win love, love does not last long, changeable, unstable and fickle, alternate frequently between enthusiasm and indifference, likely to leave a trail of broken hearts.


6. Loyal,Devotion,home loving,domestic type, thoughtfulness in personal relationship, helpful, considerate, ideal for parenthood, unselfish love.


7. Not sociable, serious, thoughtful disposition, prefer to leave by them, no ability for making new friends, favors a few deep and lasting friendship, no assistance in tactfulness, and chances to be misunderstood.


8. Spirit of determination, chances sometimes fall in love with someone above them in social position, ultimate happiness in love affairs, frequently abrupt and uncivil to the persons of dislike.


9. Very intense emotion, in love affection is fierce and deep, never happy with a light or changeable type of devotion, makes friend easily, unless kept in hand it is destructive force.