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Learn Palmistry: Lesson Three

The palmistry diagram of the hand includes four components. The first component is the fingers, which reveal many secrets about you and others. If someone does not like to open their palm in front of you, you can judge their character by simply observing their fingers. The second component is the nails.

Many clinical analyses can be done based on the color and formation of nails. The Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen used this technique as a clinical tool at a time when medical instruments had yet to be invented. On the page Learn Palmistry, you can find details about the fingers and nails.

The third and most important component is the lines on your palm. The whole story of your life is written on your hands. While you go through the page explaining the lines of your hand, you will find it very interesting and will likely be astonished to see how the lines prove to be a true indicator of your life.

Finally, on this page, I shall describe the fourth component: the mounts on your hands. The meaty areas (i.e., mounts) found on the edge of your palm are named after the planets. You can identify the location of each mount on your hand using the following diagram:

The Mount of Mercury (Mu)

  • A normal development- A certain amount of traveling and prosperity in business
  • Mount is placed close to the edge of the hand- Success, lots of money: suitable for professions like scientists, inventors or lawyers
  • Mount is placed close to the Mount of the Sun- Public speaker
    Lack of Mount- Failure in Business
  • Over development of Mount- Indicates the possibility of breaking the law to fulfil one’s own interest
palm lines - palmistry diagram of hand

The Mount of Sun (Apollo)(Ap)

  • A normal development- Indicates fame and wealth; generosity, graciousness and personality will be admired by others
  • Lack of Mount- Indicates a dull and cloudy future
  • Over development of Mount- Indicates a serious danger of self-deception; they are ready victims for flatterers, which may lead to very serious difficulties

The Mount of Saturn (Sa) in Palmistry Diagram of Hand

  • The third mount to be discussed in the palmistry diagram of the hand is to be noted very carefully.
  • A normal development- Indicates a hermit temperament- a philosophical mind; they are timid, and therefore instead of their knowledge or potentiality, very few will know about them, and they will not have many friends
  • A slight development of this Mount-Indicates a modified form of gloomy nature
  • Lack of this Mount- An unspectacular life, void of any significance
  • Over development of Mount- Most unfavorable

The Mount of Jupiter (Ju)

  • A normal development- Shows a natural inclination to dominate over others; the best-suited career is in politics or in a military job; religious
  • Lack of the Mount- Indicates a gradual loss of faith in religion, leading to agnosticism or atheism,
  • Over development of Mount- Indicates cruelty to loved ones and friends as a result of a proud, tyrannical disposition
palmistry diagram of hand

The Mount of Mars (Ma+,Pl of Ma, Ma-) in Palmistry Diagram of Hand

  • A normal development of Mount in palm- Can expect many romantic episodes: the same sign in women indicates high spirit and pride, which will attract the bold and vigorous type of man
  • Lack of Mount- Indicates cowardice, and the individual will never be able to stand up for his own rights
  • Over development of Mount- Tends towards cruelty and may lead to some outrageous behavior

The Mount of Venus (Ve)

  • A normal development- Indicates a passionate disposition and a number of ardent love affairs: also flirtatious or fickle nature however, it can be controlled
  • The lack of this Mount in the palmistry diagram of the hand- denotes a rather austere, cold life in which love will not have many parts
  • Over development of Mount- Unfortunate situations

The Mount of the Moon (Lu) in Palmistry Diagram of Hand

  • A normal development of Mount- Indicates travel in uncommon places may be the regions which have not yet been completely explored. This also indicates laziness
  • Lack of Mount-Shows an unimaginative nature and dull existence
  • Over development of Mount-Indicates the possibility of frightening dreams though that will never happen in future.

Learn More About Palmistry

Learn Palmistry

Lesson One

Palm, Fingers and Nails - Embarking on the journey of learning palmistry involves delving into the intricate details of the palm, fingers, and nails. As you explore the lines etched on the palm, decode the language of the fingers, and uncover the significance of nail characteristics, you unveil a wealth of insights into one's personality, potential challenges, and life path.

palm lines - palmistry diagram of hand

Lesson Two

The Lines of Palmistry - Learning palmistry opens a gateway to understanding the intricate lines that adorn the hands and wrists. These lines, such as the heart line, head line, and lifeline, unveil a narrative of one's personality, emotions, intellect, and life journey.

history of palmistry

History of Palmistry

The history of palmistry is a captivating journey through ancient cultures and civilizations. Its roots can be traced back to ancient India, China, and Egypt, where it was practiced as a form of divination and self-discovery. The Greeks embraced palmistry and eventually made its way to Europe during the Middle Ages, gaining popularity among various societies.

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