When it comes to prophecy there are several definitions that can be attached to it. While some will write it off as merely a prediction of future events, what you will actually find is that it is more than that.

This is the ability to foretell and predict the futures of a country or the world with a level of accuracy in a hidden capacity.

There have been a number of exceptional prophets who have given us their own prophecies of different events in the world, with stunning accuracy. For example, Luca Guárico, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, Cheiro, Kraft, Jeanne Dixon are the few to name.

When you look at their text and predictions, you will see the level of alarming accuracy the prophecy that they have made over time. Keep in mind that this was done in the prose that they understood at the time and often was delivered in cryptic messages.

What many skeptics have found over time is that while that there is a startling amount of accuracy in the prophecies that these prophets have written. In fact, many people have changed their original train of thought as they have learned about the level of accuracy each of these prophets have.

Take a moment to explore the top prophets that follow on this website. You will find that each of them has a unique story to tell and many of the predictions that they have made have actual historical proof.

Along with this is a look at some outstanding prophecies that have yet to come true. Will any of them be fulfilled in our lifetimes? There is a good chance, prepare yourself by brushing up on the information that is available on each prophecy and the prophets who have shared their visions and warnings with us.