Individuals looking to build a website, no matter the purpose should take a moment to learn about their options with sitebuildit.

While I was building my numerology site, I had previously owned a site that was used for my primary business. This was related to educational consulting.

Over the course of the last four years, the visitors to my site remained strong and business was increasing for me. This websites was based in a cheap domain and the service hosting was far less than my SBI site, which I am actually going to touch on now in sitebuildit review.

You might be wondering why I needed another service provider to help me design my second site. The reason is that the previous one didn’t have the more modern features and visitors were only coming when I listed advertisements.

During this time I had been reviewing site building books and there was a vast majority of the same basic information in all of them, except one that was actually devoted to both building a website and building your internet based business.

The following book cost me nothing and offered the secrets I needed for success.In fact, I was so impressed by it I am listing it here for you on my website.

Click this link to download the latest edition ( August 2010 ) of this book .

Sitebuildit Review – CTPM Process


The secret that is behind the success of any business owner is a method that Dr. Ken Evoy puts it is nothing more than a unique process. He should know as he is the owner and founder of the SBI which uses the important concept of CTPM.

Simply put, when you build a website, you need to ensure that it continues to attract your desired visitors long after the time that it is built.

It is because of this, that you simply use the CTPM process. You won’t need to know HTML and try to figure out a series of dazzling commands. Instead, you just need to know how to use Microsoft Word and then you can begin to create.

Another important thing to understand in is that you don’t need a SBI to use the CTPM process either.

The difference you will find is that SBI is built with CTPM in mind to work. Because of this, there are a series of powerful tools that help to simplify this process.

While you might find that my new site hasn’t started off with a huge booming success, My site is a few months old already and as you can see, it has a strong flow of traffic already coming to it. This is all done without having to spend a great deal of time working on promotion either.

My site in turn ranks high in part to certain keywords that are entered.This fact has encouraged me to write a sitebuildit review on my site.

Because it would be impossible to discuss each concept with you, there is a 30 minute video that will discuss all the important information about this site and how to use it as well. By using this sitebuildit review, you will then be able to understand some of the key features that will help you to turn around the entire website.

I shall provide you the link of this video at the end of my sitebuildit review.

Sitebuildit Review – Action Guide


When you subscribe here, you will have the chance to download the 10 days action guide from the Member’s Area. This is a guide that will prove to be a lifelong asset to you when you are starting internet marketing.

You will receive both the video version as well as the standard text version. The video is an easy to follow tool that will allow you to proceed at your own pace. Anyone looking to get into marketing will benefit from the Action guide, no matter their age or what you do in your day to day life.

Few features you may be interested to know in sitebuildit review :

The process is essentially supply and demand. This means that getting the demand at the right time will help to drive traffic to your website and help you succeed in your day to day life.

1. If you already know what your website will be directed towards, the SBI’s brainstormer will give you the chance to maximize on the concept. It has state of the art keyword brainstorming tools that is compatible with Wordtracker.

2. This will go beyond your standard search rates. If you follow the information that it provides closely, you will find that you will only succeed.

3. In fact, SBI will provide you with the tools that you end up needing to map your journey through the entire internet.

4. Along with that, you will also be provided with a domain name that will help to increase your traffic as well. You will also receive Content2.0 which will allow your visitors to publish their own pages directly on your website and in turn will help you to grow bigger, without any extra effort on your end.

5. SBI sites will draw in traffic faster than any other site. It is because you build your site with the generation of visitors in mind.

6. These pages will automatically contain a socialize button. Since bookmarking will be an essential tool, your visitors will have what they need to ensure that the social networks connect with your site.

7. Another essential item with be the RSS/Blog that is automatically attached to your website and will increase in pages as you build it. It will create new and exciting feeds and pings that all your readers can see to know there is a new update to your website.

8. Along with that you are able to connect with a support section with your package that ensures you are responded to within four hours. This is in connection to the support you will find in the forums that touch on hundreds of different topics. Each time that you encounter any type of problem, you are certain to find a solution.

9. Along with all this, you will have tools that will help you to analyze your website and to ensure that you have the ability to improve your overall rankings. This also ensures that your site can rank high on the four major search engines.

10. Other companies will charge $300 for autoresponder service, which comes free when you use the SBI service. The entire process has been created for you to actually make money.

Best of all, you can test drive it all for 90 days with 100 % money back guarantee.

Watch this short video to know how sitebuilit works

It is because I am so confident in my own success, that I can recommend Solo Build It to you. This system really works. If you sign up for Solo Build It with one of the links on my page, you can get started with your own business today. While I make a small commission based on the referral, you get the powerful set of tools I promised and you will be able to start the process of making your own money today.