Another important number in numerology is the Soul Urge number. We all have a soul within and the ‘soul within’ varies immensely from person to person. The number is a glimpse into what the heart most desires on the Life Path. Sometimes we may not realize it fully, but all of us have some likes and dislikes ‘within’. The purpose of the number is to find out the inner feelings of likes and dislikes which otherwise remain latent. When the demands of our Souls are satisfied, it will provide us a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.

How to calculate the number

The soul urge number in numerology is calculated by only using vowels of your full birth name. Write down your full birth name on a piece of paper. Next, under each vowel write the corresponding value of it.

A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3

Y is considered as vowel and valued as 7, when there is no other vowel exists in a syllable.

W can be considered as vowel if there is another vowel before it that blends with the ‘W’ to make one sound. In that case W is assigned with the number 5.

Add together all the vowels and reduce it to a single digit number (the master number 11 and 22 also may be reduced to 2 and 4 respectively.)

My name at my birth was




My urge number is 6.This number has a strong need for acknowledgment and gain pleasure in helping and co-operating others in sharing knowledge. This is a hundred percent correct prediction about me.

Try your own urge number now.

Soul Urge 1

This number 1 is often considered as the best one. Your heart’s desire is to work independently and to lead and direct your followers. You are never afraid of any sorts of competition; you want to see yourself confident always. There is a great deal of honesty and loyalty within you. You always want to dominate people around you. The tendency to show off yourself or too much ego may harm your reputation sometimes.

Soul Urge 2

Working as a part of a cooperative team is far more important to you rather than providing leadership for a particular job. You enjoy working with responsive and pleasant people. You are compassionate, extremely concerned and loyal. You are emotional as well as convincing; over-sensitiveness or fragile ego is the negative side of your heart’s desire.

Soul Urge 3

If your number is 3 you must be a person who always prefers or enjoys the companions of large number of friends. You are keen to see yourself in the limelight of your association, both in your official and personal life. You wish and also can influence the people around you through your intellects. Your word skills, intuitive insight and a motivating attitude will always bring you to the point of attention. Your friendly attitude and word skills may sometimes compel others to consider you as easygoing or talkative.

Soul Urge 4

You can assure your peace of mind when you attain financial security and professional stability. Beauty and orderly pattern slake your soul. You are responsible, trustworthy and in the final analysis practical. In any circumstance, you can see your way through. You have a clear concept about what to do and what to not. You feel happy to work with honest and consistent persons. Being too rigid or obstinate in your thinking is your major drawback.

Soul Urge 5

You have an inquisitive mind and a thrust for adventure. You gain happiness and peace of mind only when you have freedom to explore and experience different facets of life. You are flexible, versatile, enthusiastic and a peace-setter. You are extremely flexible and adaptable. Too much activity may often harm your career or personal relationships. Excessive restiveness may harm your health, especially at the latter age of your life.

Soul Urge 6

You have a strong need for acknowledgment for your efforts either at home or in work-place. Your desire to help others is so strong that you often find yourself sacrificing your own personal needs for someone’s. Your deepest intention is to love those around you, and be loved in return. Six is the most loving of all numbers. You are known for your kindness, perceptive and deep sympathetic attitude. You are likely to have artistic and creative learning and have the leaning to teach or help your community in other idealistic ways.

Soul Urge 7

You love to read subjects such as history, science, metaphysics, archaeology and religion. You will be happy if you are left alone in solitude to pursue your higher intellectual and spiritual goal. You are too much introvert and time to time this will isolate you from others.

Soul Urge 8

There is a personality that wants to lead but not to follow. Your heart’s desire is to achieve in a material sense and to get a position of authority and power. Although you may appear selfish and too much materialistic to others, you actually want to create wealth not only for you but also for the people surrounding you. You have good executive abilities, confidence, energy and ambition. You must also realize that money is not everything.

Soul Urge 9

You will achieve peace, when you have full freedom to help others. Your faith in yourself, God and in future is so strong that you live by your convictions. You are able to view life in very broad and intuitive terms. You are generous in giving of your knowledge and experience. Lack of perfection within yourself or in others may upset you sometimes.