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Numerology has become increasingly popular in the last century, and today, people from every section of civic society have a keen interest in numerology.

The field of numerology is vast, yet those who study it find it fun. Unlike other subjects, you can’t simply review some books or remember specific numbers and their results. You need to access your mental abilities and spirituality to learn numerology. Indeed, although numerology is a science subject, it is closely associated with spiritual ideas.

The study of numerology dates back as far back as history itself. Since the dawn of the ages, various systems have evolved, taking on different forms in different countries. These systems use slightly different methods of calculation as well.

As every country has its languages, pronunciation also varies. This is important as the study of numbers relates to the numbers and their vibrations. As a result, those studying numerology must develop a basic comprehension of these systems.

The study of numerology starts with the study of numerology meanings.

The various systems were named primarily according to the country where they originated. For example, the numerology developed by the Chaldean people is known as Chaldean numerology. This ancient numerology was developed in the Persian Gulf around 4,000 years ago.

Historians have determined that Pythagoras gleaned much of his information from the written texts of the Chaldean Empire, using this to set up his system. Today, we recognize his system as Western numerology or modern-day numerology.

By studying Chaldean numerologyyou will gain extensive knowledge about compound numbers, which play a significant role in our lives.

Another recognized system of numerology is Kabbalah numerology. The word Kabbalah means many different things to many people.

The Kabbalah system believes that our physical Universe operates under a set of spiritual laws. Thus, studying the kabbalah system enables learners to understand the “Tree of Life Analysis”.

Many contemporary numerologists prefer the Hebrew system, although Hebrew numerology is quite difficult to understand.

Chinese numerology, which is also quite popular and interesting, asserts that the Universe is made of five basic elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. This system led to the development of several systems of astrology.


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Chinese numerology is also famous for its Lo Shu Chart, a unique way to discover individual traits.

With so many systems, how can the novice numerologist choose which system to follow?

My advice is not to be biased toward any particular system when you study numerology but to become familiar with each of them and incorporate them into practice. I work with Indian Vedic Numerology, which is easy to learn and shares some close connections to Western numerology. Yet, I respect all the systems and follow one or two methods from other systems and my specific calculations.

The study of numerology can be as comprehensive and in-depth as you like. The more you learn, the more interesting it becomes.

I recommend that the novice numerologist focus on learning the fundamental concepts from the pages included on this website. As you become more competent in your skills, if you want to pursue additional knowledge or study numerology at an advanced level, check out the available resources on this site.

All of the information included here is meant to help you proceed further in your study of numerology while advancing your skill level.

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Numerology Meanings

The first part of our study on numerology starts with numerology meanings. The word numerology derives from the Latin word “numerus” (numbers) and the Greek word “logos” (word, thought, and expression). Although no one knows the exact origin of numerology, its history dates back some 10,000 years. Scholars disagree on the origins, with some saying it originated in Egypt while others claim the origin to be Babylon. But there is evidence suggesting that numerology was practiced in China, Japan, India, and Egypt long before it gained prominence in Greece.