what is tarot

What is Tarot?

Most people interested in numerology will explore tarot since the two are so closely connected. On this page, I want to introduce this subject so you clearly understand what it is and how it could benefit your life.

Many people think of tarot as a means of understanding themselves and others on a deeper level, and it has historically been used for divination. Divination is the Latin word that comes from “divinaire,” which means interpreting nature to tell the future. This is the essence of this subject when it is used divinely, and it can profoundly impact the believer’s personal life.

If you believe you have an inner self, soul, or any form of inner being, you will get a lot out of this. Through this, you give a voice to your inner self and will understand yourself on a much deeper level. You need an open mind and ready ear to listen to your inner self communicate.

Since the subject gives you the power to investigate and get to know your inner self, it is often considered a tool of psychology that helps you make daily decisions rather than a way to predict the future. This is how it is used today despite its roots in divination.

Tarot is best used to develop intuition. The cards can be thought of as a process of thought since it is the natural response to the cards revealed that really matters. Anyone interested in exploring themselves on a deep level will find tarot reading very useful as it opens up things within a person that cannot easily be reached. There is no better way to go through self-exploration.

To gain insight and change from this, you have to do serious readings continuously.

I hope the information presented on my site will guide you in doing this so I can be a part of your beautiful transformation over time.

What is the Origin of Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards may have originally surfaced in Italy as a basic card game, but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when they started being used. It is known that they are tied to the medieval era, and some clearly Egyptian symbols are used on the cards. Yet, many people say gypsies initially brought the cards from Asia to Europe. These cards were clearly present in the early Renaissance period as well.

What Exactly do Tarot Cards Do?

what exactly do tarot cards do

Currently, the cards are used for personal enlightenment, some divination, and as a focal point during meditation. They are excellent tools for meditation and any other practice requiring incredible focus, vision, or reading.

Even with such deep historical roots, tarot cards are quite different today than in medieval or Renaissance times. Many believe that they were originally sold in packs of 78, which you still get today. Each pack contains the following:

* 22 Major Arcana cards

* 56 Minor Arcana cards

An Arcana card is a secret card since Arcana means secret. The cards numbered 0 through 21 are Major Arcana cards. Their role is to reveal spiritual aspects causing certain events in life. They will all have names, like the Judgment card.

The Minor Arcana Cards

the minor arcana cards

The Minor Arcana cards are divided into suits of 14 cards each. Each suit has a name:

* Wands = clubs on regular playing cards

* Cups = hearts on regular playing cards

* Swords = spades on regular playing cards

* Pentacles = diamonds on regular playing cards

You will notice that each suit contains cards labeled 1 through 10. The remaining four cards in each suit are the Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

Besides correlating to different suits on regular playing cards (see the above list), each of the tarot suits corresponds to the four elements of nature:

* Wands = Fire

* Cups = Water

* Swords= Air

* Pentacles = Earth

You can understand these cards’ deeper meaning by understanding their Earthly connections. For instance, the Swords suit is connected to air but is also tightly associated with matters of the mind. Similarly, the Pentacles suit is connected to Earth but is associated closely with physical belongings. You can see the connections between Earth and belongings and air and the mind.

There are also some meanings and categories that are assigned to the court cards, which are included in every minor Arcana suit:

* Kings = power

* Queens = support/creativity

* Knights = new projects/challenges

* Pages = new information

This can be a lot to learn and remember, so I created these little lists. You can go back to them repeatedly until you become more familiar with all of the symbols involved in tarot reading. Once you have that familiarity, you will be ready to use this powerful and enlightening tool.

As you learn more about this subject and routinely practice reading tarot cards, be prepared for notable changes in your life. These changes can occur on the mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

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