How to Read Tarot Cards for Beginners?

Today, there is a wide variety of tarot products you can select from, and they are sold through many different stores, online and off. Take your time to shop around and find cards that you really feel drawn to. You will also need a silky black or deep purple fabric to wrap your cards in.

Most readers will wrap their cards and store them in a wooden box because they believe their energy can be corrupted if not correctly stored and protected.

I chose to use the “N” pack of cards for illustration here on the site, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. Purchasing the pack, you are naturally attracted to or driven to is important.

Here are some quick guidelines on how you should conduct a tarot card reading with someone else:

1. The querant, or person asking you a question, should be given the cards. They will shuffle them and place them face down in front of you.

2. Look at the last card. That will represent the most pressing issue on their mind at the moment.

3. Have the querant place the cards one by one into three piles. They should keep separating them into piles until all the cards have been used.

4. Put the piles together into one and ask your querant to hold the stack in the hand they do not write with.

5. Ask your querant to hold a specific question in his mind while fanning out the cards and selecting them with eyes closed. They should choose cards with the hand they do not write with.

6. Every card they select must be placed face upward in a sideways position. Pay attention to the placement of cards according to the layout you are using.

7. Hold back from looking up meanings as you do this layout. You will be curious, but you will break the reading flow if you do it on the spot.

8. Don’t correct cards drawn from the deck upside down. They will require special interpretation later on.

9. Interpretations of each card on the table can easily be explored here on the site. I will give interpretations along with the picture on each card. Let your querant do all their drawing before you start the interpretation stage.

10. When explaining the interpretations in tarot card reading, remain unbiased and nonjudgmental. This is extremely important!

When you use tarot as a tool for self-enlightenment, you will understand yourself on a much deeper level. You will know when the decisions you make and the actions you take fit the wants and needs of your inner self. Tarot is essentially the language of your soul!

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Jayanti Ghosh and Soumen Ghosh

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