Aries in Vedic Astrology

What Kind of Person is an Aries?

Aries – If you are born between March 21 and April 20, you come under the sign of Aries or Mesha. Your zodiac sign provides you with a rough idea of how you are. Every individual has some good and bad idiosyncrasies.

Here on this page, I’ll try to bring up the strengths, weaknesses and other attributes of the persons who come under this sign.

  • Strength – Individualistic, benevolent, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous, active, intelligent, famous, traveler, aggressive, powerful, adventurous, pioneering, executive ability.
  • Weakness – Moody, quick-tempered, tending to act without thought, impatient.
  • Physical Structure – Strong, athletic, well-proportioned body, elongated face with a well-rounded and broad forehead.
  • Element – Fire
  • Quality – Cardinal
  • Symbol – The Ram

Decan One (March 21 to March 29)

  • Planetary Influence – Mars with Jupiter exerting a secondary influence.
  • Love and Marriage – In matters of love, you will win the other sex easily, but in marriage, you must remember that life is not all romance, and you must be more practical about domestic affairs.
  • Marriage and Friendship Compatibility – A person born in the last half of March or under the sign of Cancer or Sagittarius makes the best friends or marriage partners.
  • The Best Day For Action – Friday
  • Lucky Colors – Reds and Yellows
  • Lucky Number – 2
  • Lucky Gems – Bloodstones and Aquamarines
Vedic Astrology Aries

Decan Two (March 30 to April 10)

  • Planetary Influence – Mars and the Sun in the order named.
  • Love and Marriage – will have to guard against being too bossy; you may be in danger of running your happiness through unfounded jealousy or affinity.
  • Marriage and Friendship Compatibility – Persons born under Aries, Leo or Sagittarius make the best friends or marriage partners.
  • The Best Day for Action – Tuesday
  • Lucky Color– Tan and Orange
  • Lucky Number – 8
  • Lucky Gems – Diamond and Topaz

Decan Three (April 11 to April 20)

  • Planetary Influence – Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the order named.
  • Love and Marriage – You have the capacity to achieve great happiness as a devoted mate and loving parent, but you need to check a tendency to rule your partner’s life as per your choice and liking.
  • Marriage and Friendship Compatibility– Persons born under the sign of Leo or Sagittarius or born in the first half of April make the best friends or marriage partners.
  • The Best Day for Action – Monday
  • Lucky Color – Yellows, Light Greens and Blues
  • Lucky Number – 1
  • Lucky Gems – Sapphires, Diamond

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