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Capricorn compatibility – What do Capricorns need when it comes to compatibility? What are Capricorns’ most compatible signs? These may just be a few of the questions that come to mind when thinking about the romantic life of this sensual, committed and dedicated earth sign.

Capricorns are some of the most faithful and true zodiac signs out there when it comes to love and relationships. Because of this, this is also a sign that can be rather choosy, making compatibility an important topic to explore.

So, are you a good match? Let’s find out.

What is Capricorn's Best Match?

The very best match for Capricorn is Virgo. Virgo is a very compatible sign for Capricorn, seeing as it’s a fellow earth sign.

Yet, more important is the fact that both of these signs share a love of hard work and dedication to not only the relationship but also to their careers. See, one of the most important areas for Capricorn is their profession. They need a partner who’s either as ambitious as they are or, at the very least, respects their desire to succeed in the world. No one is better at that than a Virgo, making this one a great compatibility match for Capricorn. Furthermore, Virgo is just as sensual, just as sexy, and just as touch-orientated as Capricorn. And, like Capricorn, Virgo will keep that part of the relationship private, which Capricorn loves. Capricorn enjoys a partner with refined taste, someone classy and humble, which is exactly what Virgo is.

Capricorn is also very compatible with the water sign Pisces. Pisces tends to soften the hard edges of Capricorn, giving them a feeling of being loved and accepted just as they are.

What is Capricorn's Worst Match

What is Capricorn's Worst Match?

Any pair of signs can always work things out with good communication and trust. Yet, it has to be said that some signs are better together than others, whereas others aren’t so much. The most incompatible sign for Capricorn would probably have to be Aries. Aries is perhaps their worst match out of all.

Why? Well, Aries people are leaders. They are the ones in charge and leading the pack. Capricorn is also a leader. As we know, there can’t be two leaders in the relationship. It becomes very difficult, and this pair may have more than one head-to-head clash. Aries is also very impulsive and lacks caution, which may drive the prudent Capricorn crazy. These two simply operate on very different wavelengths, making it best that they stay away from each other.

Another sign which may get under Capriorn’s skin is Gemini. Geminis are restless, non-committal, and somewhat fickle. These traits don’t make a strong match for the very reliable, consultant, and die-hard Capricorn. They might feel as if they are the adult managing the child, which never turns out well in any romantic relationship.

Who Should a Capricorn Marry

Who Should a Capricorn Marry?

Capricorn is probably one of the last signs to still believe in the tradition of marriage, making this a very important topic for them. They usually take a long time to make up their mind about their soulmate, the person they will spend the rest of their lives with.
So, who is most compatible with Capricorn when it comes to marriage?

Once again, it seems that Virgo will come out on top. They are a fellow earth sign, which means that security and stability are important to them. They will honor the marriage, respect it and give themselves to service in the relationship. Capricorn will do the same, making this a strong, lasting partnership.

Scorpio is also an excellent choice for a marriage partner for Capricorn. This fixed water sign is extremely loyal, just like the Capricorn. They tend to partner for life, proving themselves as a partner that can be trusted to lean on. Plus, Scorpio always brings passion, which is ultra-important for the sensual Capricorn. These two can make a formidable team!

Capricorn Compatibility Continued

Who is Capricorn's Soulmate?

Capricorns tend to be very pragmatic, so when looking at Capricorn compatibility, the concept of soulmates maybe just a little too far out for this sign. They are the types that will look at someone and really reflect on whether this person is the right fit for them on all levels, not just on a soul-based one.

However, there is one sign that may have Capricorn feeling all weak at the knees. This would have to be Pisces. Pisces believes wholeheartedly in soulmates and is probably the only sign that can convince the Capricorn that, on a spiritual level, they are meant to be. And, over time, the Capricorn may even come to believe them. This is something only a water sign can do – they alone have the power to melt the high walls around Capricorn’s
heart and sweep them right off of their feet.

Who is Capricorn's Best Friend

Who is Capricorn's Best Friend?

Interestingly enough, the sign that would be Capricorn’s best friend is likely to be Aquarius. Aquarius is actually a very compatible sign for Capricorn, seeing they are both traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn. They each value longevity and commitment when it comes to relationships, whether platonic or romantic. These shared values make for a very strong base when it comes to their connection together.

Over time, the relationship may even develop into a beautiful romantic relationship. As already mentioned, Capricorn people are very pragmatic when choosing a partner. They tend to want that solid base of friendship before romance in any case. Aquarius is one of those people who will always be there for Capricorn. Their caring nature, open-heartedness and ability to commit to the relationship make Capricorn feel extremely safe.

Who Are Capricorns Usually Attracted To?

We all tend to be attracted to the opposite sign. Cancer lies opposite to Capricorn, making them appear very attractive to Capricorn. Are these two signs compatible, however? Yes, absolutely! Sure, they may have different life approaches and values. Capricorn tends to be more pragmatic and work-oriented, whereas Cancer tends to be softer and more family-focused. Yet, these two signs know, deep down, that they balance each other out. It will take some work, of course. Compromise is key for this couple, which they may not realize at first. The attraction they feel at the beginning is due to a deeper desire to learn from each other and become more whole as a person on the inside. This takes careful work and conscious effort on both parts so they don’t end up clashing and misunderstanding each other.

Capricorn is also very attracted to the sexy sign of Scorpio. Most signs are attracted to Scorpio, so it’s not unusual. Yet, the chemistry between these two can be off the charts. There’s a delicious yumminess that can be thoroughly enjoyed when the compatible signs of Capricorn and Scorpio get together.

Who is Capricorn Not Compatible With

Who is Capricorn Not Compatible With?

When it comes to Capricorn compatibility, there are a few signs that Capricorn isn’t so compatible with, two of which have already been mentioned – Aries and Gemini. What other signs aren’t compatible with Capricorn?
Well, fire signs, in general, can be a little challenging for Capricorn to get along with.

Sagittarius, in particular, after Aries, may rub Capricorn up the wrong way. Sagittarius is a very free-spirited sign, a non-committal sign, just like Gemini. This may make the Capricorn feel very unsafe in the relationship and trigger deep insecurities that they aren’t good enough to commit to. Sagittarius people can also be a little reckless and love to take a chance, which also makes Capricorn feel extremely uncomfortable. Sure, getting out of their comfort zone is important, but not necessarily to this degree. Sagittarius may just end up pushing all of the Capricorn’s buttons.

As one of the fire signs, Leo can also be a little challenging for the Capricorn. Leo is a very dominating, somewhat controlling sign, and with Capricorn also being someone who likes to be the leader, this pair may not be all that compatible. Yet they can make it work better than the other fire signs simply because Leo is loyal, loving and passionate, which the Capricorn will love and respect. They bring much-needed balance to the life of Capricorn, making them feel adored, cherished and desired.

What are Capricorns Attracted To

What are Capricorns Attracted To?

What are some of the outstanding qualities that Capricorn tends to be attracted to? Well, the first quality they look for in a partner would have to be loyalty. Being someone who is very loyal themselves, Capricorns tend to need someone who holds this as their highest value. Capricorn needs to know that no matter what happens, their partner has their back. This makes the signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo very attractive to Capricorn, being the most loyal signs in the zodiac.

Capricorns are also attracted to people who have good taste and are refined, classy and humble. They don’t really like loudmouths, though they can tolerate it if they really love their partner and are dedicated to them. However, they tend to notice the people in the room who aren’t making the most noise.

Capricorn Compatibility Summarised

In summary, when it comes to Capricorn compatibility, Capricorns go best with the earth signs – Virgo and Taurus – and the water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Nevertheless, with enough work on both sides, Capricorn can make any relationship beautiful simply due to their willingness to go the extra mile for their darling. They expect the same treatment in return, so for anyone who wants to be with a Capricorn, make sure the relationship is number one on your list of priorities and that you’ll be there for them, come rain or storm!

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