Virgo in Vedic Astrology

What is the Hindu Sign for Virgo?

If you are born between August 23 and September 22, you come under the sign of Kanya or Virgo in Vedic astrology. Your zodiac sign provides you with a rough idea of how you are. Every individual has some good and bad idiosyncrasies.

Here on this page, I’ll try to bring up the strengths, weaknesses and other attributes of the persons who come under this sign.

  • Strength – Cogent, attentive, helpful, reliable, precise, taste in literature, well-read, scholarly, artistic, wealthy, helping, efficient, practical, creative, intelligent.
  • Weakness – Skeptical, meticulous, inflexible, cold, interfering, lack confidence in the face of opposition.
  • Physical structure – Tend to have a graceful figure, a round head, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, and clear eyes.
  • Element – Earth
  • Quality – Mutable
  • Symbol – The Virgin

Virgo in Vedic Astrology - Decan One (August 23 to September 1)

  • Planetary Influence – Mercury and the Sun in the order named.
  • Love and marriage– You must learn to show affection and not take love for granted. If you are a woman, you face the danger of becoming a nagging wife unless you keep your critical tendencies in control.
  • Compatibility for marriage and friendship – Persons born in the last half of April, August or December.
  • Best day for action – Sunday
  • Lucky colors – Blue and Green
  • Lucky number – 5
  • Lucky Gems – Sardonyx and the Agate
virgo sign

Decan Two (September 2 to September 11)

  • Planetary Influence– Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the order named.
  • Love and marriage– Try to enjoy your domestic life and do not be too over-particular if things don’t always go how you would like them.
  • Compatibility for marriage and friendship– Persons born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn make the best friends or marriage partners.
  • Best Day for action– Wednesday
  • Lucky colors – Dark Blue and Slate
  • Lucky number – 4
  • Lucky Gems – Sapphire and Jasper

Virgo in Vedic Astrology - Decan Three (September 12 to September 22)

  • Planetary influence– Mercury and Saturn in the order named.
  • Love and marriage– Learn to display your affections, lest you be accused of being too cold.
  • Compatibility for marriage and friendship- Persons born under Taurus, your sign or Capricorn, make the best friends or marriage partners.
  • Best Day for action – Saturday
  • Lucky colors – Light Blue and Green
  • Lucky number – 8
  • Lucky Gems – Sapphire and Jade

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