Pisces Compatibility

When it comes to Pisces compatibility, some of the most popular questions include: who is the most compatible sign for the mystical, romantic Pisces? What are the star signs that will feel like Pisces’ best match? Who is the true soulmate of Pisces? 

Pisces isn’t called the most mysterious sign of the zodiac for nothing. It’s hard to know which of the star signs fit best with Pisces and which are the most compatible for this soft-hearted star sign. Pisces is the most romantic star sign of them all, but they’re also not always the easiest to pin down or define. Pisces can fall in love in a second and be devoted forever – or they can slip away, never to be seen again. 

So, what will make this relationship last a lifetime? Which of the star signs is the best match for Pisces? Which combinations are the most compatible? Read on to find out if your zodiac sign is the best match for Pisces and if you stand a chance to last the test of time.

What is a Pisces' Best Match?

The first question is, which of the star signs are the Pisces best match? There are a few signs that can go very well with Pisces. It’s important to remember that Pisces is a mutable sign, which makes them adaptable and likely to mold to the personality of their partners, reflecting their energy. Because of this mirroring quality, Pisces can often be with just about anyone, making them compatible with many star signs. They are accepting, non-judgmental and easy to be with.

With all that said, there are certain signs that Pisces is more compatible with and that they find their best match.

The first of these would be the Earth signs of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn (in that order). Because Pisces is a flowing water sign, they do very well with these stable types. Earth and water are very compatible elements. Earth holds water and contains it, making them feel safe and secure, while water nourishes earth and softens them, feeds them and makes them feel cared for.

Pisces' Best Match

What stands out about the earth-water combination is that the earth signs help Pisces with the practical side of life. They love working hard and making money, whereas Pisces tends to provide the emotional and spiritual sustenance that the earth signs need to keep going. These earth signs enjoy being of service to the magical Pisces, and Pisces gives back by ensuring that they feel adored, worshipped, seen, loved and deeply empathized with. Pisces also brings spiritual energy to the material focus of the earth signs. This creates a beautiful harmony and balance.

Other compatible signs with Pisces include the other water signs – Scorpio and Cancer. These feel like soulmates to the Pisces. There’s a powerful sense of empathy here, and the emotional connection is also extremely strong. The Scorpio, in particular, is an excellent match for Pisces, as they tend to be very protective of this vulnerable sign.

Gemini Compatibility: Who Should a Pisces Marry?

Who Should a Pisces Marry

There are two signs that  Pisces should marry. First, it may be important to ask whether or not Pisces wants to be married or enjoys marriage. 

The answer is yes – but with a caveat. Pisces is the symbolic fish, meaning they tend to crave escape and freedom. They may struggle with too much confinement, so their marriage needs to be one in which they don’t feel suffocated. Their ideal spouse needs to be able to provide them with free rein yet hold them in a way that makes them feel secure. The Pisces must be able to swim away and come back. Otherwise, they may swim away forever after the first flush of romance dies away. 

So, which sign is most compatible with Pisces when it comes to marriage? The first of these is Leo. Yes, they are a fire sign, and fire signs are not supposed to always gel with the water signs.

Pisces and Leo

Nevertheless, Leo and Pisces are a special case. Leo is committed, warm, protective and deeply romantic. They love having the sweet, tender and supportive Pisces at their side. These are natural leaders, which makes the Pisces feel safe in the world if they have someone to look up to. Leo loves being a bit of a boss in this marriage. Pisces doesn’t mind because they know that the generous Leo leads with their hearts. Plus, these two always know how to have fun and still raise a family if they want. It’s a match made in heaven. 

The other best marriage sign for Pisces would have to be the equally committed and devoted Scorpio. Scorpio, like Leo, is a fixed sign, which means they are consistent and stable. They are able to hold all the chaos of Pisces and keep them grounded whilst still creating a beautifully soft, sensitive and tender energy. Those two are a very powerful lifetime match. 

Will both Leo and Scorpio be able to give Pisces their freedom? Yes, to a certain degree. They can be possessive, yet once the trust is established through the bonds of marriage, Scorpio and Leo should have no issue allowing Pisces to roam, grow, and expand. 

Gemini Compatibility: Who Should Pisces Not Be With?

Who Should Pisces Not Be With

An important question when discussing Pisces compatibility is: Are there any star signs that are totally incompatible with Pisces? Does Pisces have a ‘worst match’? 

Once again, it is important to keep in mind that because Pisces people are so adaptable, they should be able to be with most star signs. Nevertheless, there is one star sign that Pisces is often very attracted to, but should probably not be with – and that’s the fiery, impulsive Aries. 

The problem is that Aries and Pisces are often very drawn to each other as they are the two most idealistic signs. These two are dreamers, the ones who truly believe in a fairytale romance. Thus, their relationship often starts out as a dream but usually ends in heartbreak—not always, but it is common. 

This is usually because the Aries typically get tired of playing the Hero/ine and tend to become impatient with the Pisces’ lack of decisiveness and their sensitive nature. Aries are bold, direct and action-oriented, whereas Pisces prefer to go with the flow and fall into things. 

This can be a little too wishy-washy for Aries. There are also very often conflict situations here where the Aries want to deal with things head-on. They have no time for being sensitive to Pisces’s soft heart and feelings. Pisces, in turn, struggles with Aries’s abrasive nature and may think them childish. 

These two can make it work, but they will have to accept each other totally and learn good conflict management so as not to continually disrupt their relationship. 

What Sign is Pisces Attracted To?

The two signs that Pisces is most attracted to are the water signs of Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces is a feeling-orientated sign, so it automatically feels safe with these two. Scorpio and Cancer are some of the most compatible signs with Pisces—their emotional connection is extremely strong. They can almost read each other’s minds sometimes. 

The romantic connection between Scorpio or Cancer and Pisces is very powerful. These star signs can cuddle up for days on end, just staring into each other’s eyes and losing themselves. There’s a downright intense energy generated between them. 

Scorpio, in particular, will feel extremely magnetic for the Pisces. They have a way about them that makes the Pisces want to get to know more and more of them. Scorpio also loves to protect the tender, vulnerable Pisces from the world. They feel, deep down, that the Pisces truly needs them. 

Who is the Soulmate of Pisces?

Soulmate of Pisces

When it comes to Pisces compatibility, the true million-dollar question is who Pisces’ soulmate is. Sure, Pisces might marry a particular star sign or be attracted to another one. But which is the one that matches their soul? 

The answer is Virgo. Virgo is the star sign opposite Pisces, and we all know what they say about opposites attracting! There was never a truer case than with this pair. 

Virgo is a sign that really, truly understands the heart and soul of Pisces. Both of these signs love to be of service to one another. They give without thinking of themselves, which is a rare treat for Pisces, who usually gets taken advantage of. Virgo just wants to make sure that Pisces is taken care of in the practical world. They love doing their ‘life admin’ for them so that Pisces is free to explore their spiritual, creative and emotional worlds. 

In return, the Pisces make Virgo feel deeply loved and accepted for who they are. Virgo is often so hard on themselves that they struggle with self-love. This is precisely what Pisces teaches them, and this, in itself, makes these two the perfect match and Soulmates. 

Author Bio - Margarita Celeste

Margarita Celeste Astrologist

Margarita Celeste is a practicing professional Astrologer with a fervent passion for the language of the cosmos. She has witnessed the life-changing effects this ancient art can have on her clients and students and is honoured to support, guide and facilitate this healing process. Margarita has a Jungian (Transpersonal Psychology) approach as well as a special interest in relationship astrology, both topics that hold an important place in her heart. 

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