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The science of numerology gives us a lot of information about ourselves through our first name, last name, and date of birth that we came into the world. The best part of numerology is that the calculation methods to find life path numbers, is fact, quite easy.

It is a method by which even people whose time of birth is not clear can easily get information about their life course; with the help of this information, they can determine their potential, karma, abilities, and the purpose of their embodiment in this world.

It can provide a very thorough road map of life to every person whose date of birth is clear. Thanks to such methods, you can experience a high level of awareness in your life.

You can also understand the reason for your inner impulses, the root causes of the negative events you experience, the messages you receive through such events, and your innate gifts that you can use as leverage in this lifetime.

Among all these numbers that we have within us, one of them affects us the most. This is our life path number. Our life path number harbors our general tendencies, what we want to do impulsively, and the personality traits we have in our souls that need to be revealed and transformed. You may know people around you who were born on the same day but have completely different personalities.

This is because of the characteristics we qualify as positive and negative, which are hidden in each number we carry. Therefore, even if they are born on the same day, the characteristics that this number will reveal change through the assessment of the person’s numerological map.

Finding your life path number

Finding your life path number

Finding your life path number shows you one of the most important milestones of the ultimate goal that you need to reach in this life. While trying to reach this goal, you can have a sense of difficulty; you may even keep yourself back on your inner search even when you want to. Thus, your life path number helps you along in this journey.

When conducting an analysis, a single criterion is not enough to understand everything, but knowing your life path number will give you a high level of awareness. The abilities or karma you need to transform in this path are hidden in your date of birth.

The effects of our date of birth, as well as the names and surnames that we carry in our lives, should not be underestimated. We can turn our life into the route that our soul wants by learning and using this information in our lives and by accessing our self-awareness.

Inner peace and true happiness are recognized only when we start living according to our own design and turn our lives toward where our souls should arrive. The most important steps of this process are to listen to our inner voice and show the courage to get to know ourselves.

No soul who does not dare to know themselves will be able to transform their life permanently.

find Life path number

How to Find Your Life Path Number?

Before I tell you how to calculate your life path number, I want to share some matters that I want you to know.

One of the most important points to pay attention to is this: If the date of your birth and the date written on your ID are different, you need to make calculations for both birth dates here.

Although the real date of your birth is the main one for us, the other date printed on your ID is valid in official institutions. Therefore, this validity impacts your life since the written numbers on your ID also start affecting your life. From time to time, it can cause you to experience internal confusion, a feeling of going off course.

If your life path numbers, which emerge from these two date calculations, are two opposite numbers to each other, they may cause you to be more affected internally. One day, you may experience an intense desire for leadership, while another day, the opposite of this feeling, the desire to retreat, can emerge.


If you are ready, let's learn how to find your life path number:

First of all, you should write your date of birth as day, month, year. This step should only include the numbers on your date of birth. And then, you should write down every number of the date. For example, let’s say if someone is born in 1987, you should not write 87. You should add all of 1987.

We need to add up all the numbers available on the date one by one to find the life path number of a person whose date of birth is 12/01/1987. In this step, we do not include zeros. The number we need to get has to be a single-digit. If the result turns out to be a two-digit number, you need to add those two numbers up and reduce it to a single-digit.


How to calculate Life path number
Example how to calculate Life path number

The Life Path Numbers and Their Powers

There is a rule that the numbers should be a single-digit in the calculations we make in numerology. This rule excludes the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which we call the master numbers.

Master numbers are determined only from the person’s first and last name and can also be taken into account on some birth dates.

Each number has special meanings in itself, and each number represents a specific chakra in both our energy and physical body. Your life number is also directly linked to the chakra located in your body and the subjects of that chakra.

Each number is special and unique in the life path numbers

guide to find life path number

It marks the person’s evolutionary journey. All numbers actually work as a complement to one another. If you use the shadow sides of the life path numbers in your life rather than using them in their natural positive way, after a while, this specific number starts experiencing internal difficulties within itself based on the potential it was supposed to reveal but could not have. And then, vicious cycles begin to occur in your life because all of this prevents another chakra’s regular flow.

If these vicious cycles are not managed correctly and awareness is not created, physical diseases begin to occur after mental distress. Today, the most basic causes of many diseases (from allergies to headaches and even heart problems) are the result of a person’s inability to live by their life course. That single-digit number we call the life path number has enormous effects.

Therefore, there are powers hidden in each life path number. To use these powers to serve their evolution in our lives, it needs to pass through a person’s self-awareness, self-study, and knowledge of their design in this lifetime. When this power is used positively, the flow of energy is balanced, and the said person’s life begins to continue with more flow and inner peace.

Pay attention to the energy of the numbers. Internalize the meaning of your life path number that you have learned, and observe where you use positive and shadow sides in your life. You will see that many of you will start understanding why you are doing what you are doing, and every explanation written will have a reward for you. Everyone who discovers the power within themselves and recognizes and reconnects with their soul revives the flower of life within themselves, and life begins to flow for them.

I wish that healing will flow into your life in an endless and unlimited way.

Author Bio - Selen Sekmen

Selen Sekmen Numerologist

After completing my university education in Child Development, a major upheaval in my life led me to the spiritual world. I studied and trained in Numerology, Vedic Astrology, and the effects of a mother’s consciousness on her child. To be a compass for those who have lost their way in life and are questioning who they are, I embarked on this journey and am now using Numerology to shed light on other lives.