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Welcome to Numerology, Astrology, and Palmistry – your compass to the mystical realms of self-discovery and cosmic insight. Here, we embark on a journey to unravel the secrets encoded in the stars, numbers, and the very lines of your palms. Our dedicated team of writers, seasoned and skilled in the arts of numerology, astrology, and palmistry, is committed to sharing their wisdom with you. As seekers of knowledge, we understand the profound impact these ancient sciences can have on understanding oneself and navigating life’s journey. Join us in this exploration of the metaphysical, where each article is a guidepost on your path to enlightenment and self-awareness. Let Numerology, Astrology, and Palmistry be your trusted companion in decoding the language of the universe and unlocking the mysteries within.

Meet the Guardians of Cosmic Wisdom: Our Expert Team at Numerology, Astrology, and Palmistry

Margarita Celeste Astrologist

Margarita Celeste

Astrology has been Margarita’s passion ever since she can remember. Since early childhood, she had a knack for remembering people’s star signs, and as a teenager, she revelled in reading Linda Goodman’s Sun signs.

Fast forward to her twenties, Margarita began studying Eastern Astrology with her uncle, followed by three years of formal Traditional Astrology studies with celebrated Astrologer and Shaman, Rod Suskin, She graduated with both a scholarship and distinction under her belt, and began her Astrology Practice under the name ‘Margarita Celeste Astrology & Tarot”.

Selen Sekmen Numerologist

Selen Sekmen

After completing my university education in Child Development, a major upheaval in my life led me to the spiritual world. I studied and trained in Numerology, Vedic Astrology, and the effects of a mother’s consciousness on her child. To be a compass for those who have lost their way in life and are questioning who they are, I embarked on this journey, and am now using Numerology to shed light on other lives.

Jayanti Ghosh and Soumen Ghosh

Jayanti and Soumen Ghosh

Embark on a journey of numerological discovery with confidence, guided by our resident numerology experts, Jayanti Ghosh and Soumen Ghosh, recognized authorities in the field. Our content is meticulously curated, drawing from esteemed numerological texts and research. Rigorous fact-checking and peer reviews ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability. We are dedicated to transparently sharing the sources of our numerological knowledge, promoting a culture of trust and authenticity. You’re in the hands of a trusted expert, exploring the profound realm of pinnacle numbers with certainty.