People become interested to determining numerology compatibility for several reasons. Perhaps they want to know about persons or events and the numbers with whom they are best matched. They may also want to determine whether these numbers truly play a significant role in their lives as well as understand how mere numbers can influence their lives for better or for worse.

numerology compatibility

Numbers are an intricate part of our everyday lives, so it is only natural that they affect us. Numbers not only provide powerful and unique influences on our actions, but also offer clues about our future. Such influences stem from the mystical vibrations that individual numbers radiate just like the vibrations caused by an electrical or magnetic instrument.

To determine your numerology compatibility, you must first determine your numbers so you can learn about its characters and the numbers compatible with it.

The study of numerology initially evolved as our ancestors noted down their observations and findings year after year. When they determined how a particular number influenced the persons whom they studied, they were able to define the numerology compatibility of such numbers.

Sages and Seers have conducted profound studies and engaged in years of research on particular sets of numbers. Their findings indicate that the numbers do in fact play a significant role in our lives.


My own philosophy of numerology is “as is true for millions, so is true for billions”.


As a student of science, I understand that some may find it difficult to accept any subject for which an experiment in a laboratory is not possible. However, to me, numerology compatibility is as transparent as pure water as I have never received any adverse result for applying my knowledge of calculation to others.

The most significant numbers to any individuals are those perpetually connected with the individual: the number of one’s name and birth date. To determine the number of one’s name add together the letter values in the name( every letter of the alphabet has been allotted a numerical value). These numbers have distinct influences on our lives. They can be used to make predictions about the future and guide individuals better in the days to come. The individual and numbers must have harmony in order to achieve success or happiness.

The Personality number-

This governs and controls your relationship with those about you and the significances in matter related to love and friendship.

The Vocational number or the Name number-

This is associated with the career of your life. If your vocational number is in harmony with the type of work you are doing then it will be a help to you in every undertaking. In the page of name numerology compatibility you can find details about your vocational number.

The Destiny number-

It has an important influence upon the general good or bad fortune in your life and should be harmonious with your fundamental character or what it sometimes called your psychological type.

Spiritual number or Life path number

In numerology compatability this number is of the greatest importance. We can never change the spiritual number since it is derived from the numbers of the day, month and year when we were born. This number is often known as life path number.
Another important tool is numerology chart.Numerologists should be able to prepare numerology charts. It is easy to learn how to prepare free numerology compatibility reports or charts. Once the chart is ready, you will be able to identify which numbers, dates, colors, and persons are in your favor or against you.

Numerology can also be used to determine love compatibility,or marriage compatibility.
Your study of numerology compatibility will complete once you learn how can be used to answer your questions,which is the most interesting aspect of numerology.

Mastering the process will enable you to answer questions about yourself or about people around you as well as your friend’s questions about their future.

You yourself can calculate the number of your Personal Year and Personal Month,and accordingly may best decide how a particular year or a month will be there for you.

Numerology and Sex are interrelated. The numbers play an influential role in our sexual life. You can discover from the table provided in this pagehow the numbers govern or control our perception towards sex.