A Controversial Figure

Cheiro was one of the most controversial figures in the world of futurology. His predictions have been astounding and his accuracy simply amazing. For instance, no one believed his prediction that the dying prince would one day become King Edward VII in England yet there he was enjoying tea and a chat with the King himself after the coronation that proved his premonition right.

The genius mind of Cheiro was startling to others in his time, so they put him to the test over and over. For instance, shortly after setting up business in the United States a reporter from the then prominent New York World brought him a deal that could not be refused. This reporter wanted him to study the impressions of seven palms from seven different people without knowing who any of these impressions belonged to.

The deal was that Cheiro would earn major promotions in the newspaper if his predictions based on these hand impressions were accurate. They were so accurate that the newspaper ended up running an entire page in the Sunday paper detailing his work and accurate predictions.

The Talk of the Town

A lot of stories surfaced about him and what he could do with his scientific studies and foretelling capabilities. One such story is of a woman known as Mrs. Leiter. She was a well known billionaire who took the impression of her daughter’s hand to him so the girl’s future could be revealed.

He told Mrs. Leiter that her daughter would be married to someone in rule of an Eastern country but that she would not have a long life. The daughter in fact went on to marry the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, and she died young.

Even Mark Twain was known to seek out the genius of Cheiro. In this secret meeting, Cheiro revealed that he knew Mark Twain was famous and that he didn’t want to be detected. He predicted that Mark Twain would become famous for his writing, but what was most startling was Cheiro’s statement that Mark’s name was supposed to start with an S. His real name was Samuel L. Clemens.

Caught off guard by the remarkable foresight of this great prophet, Mark Twain ended up writing the following in the visitor’s book on his way out the door: “Cheiro expostulated my character in such a manner that I felt ashamed. I thought that I would say nothing about his penetrating genius, but in the end I had to accept it.”

The Life of Cheiro

Cheiro was no the birth name of this amazing genius. He was born John Warner in England’s Wicklow Country on November 1, 1866. Before taking Cheiro as his name he took the name Louis Le Warner Hammon. It wasn’t until his mother’s passion for astrology and his own high aptitude for fortune telling took hold of him that he took the name ‘Cheiro’ and decided to make it his profession.

Long before he took a deep interest in science and decided on this profession, there were signs that he had a natural skill for seeing the future. It was said that he once took his teacher by surprise when he was able to accurately predict his future sitting in the library. This occurred when the teacher found him reading an astrology book and challenged him to do so.

His studies into astrology began around the age of twelve, but it was his travel through London and India between the ages of seventeen and twenty that allowed him to collect the information and grow the talent needed to be such a huge success. His father sent him to England at seventeen, but India called to him and that is where he spent three years of his life learning and observing.

After this travel, he established a business in London on Bond Street. He was immediately called up on by Arthur James Balfour, who was the president of the London Psychical Society. Curious as to what this newcomer could actually do, he put out his palm and asked for his fortune to be told.

He predicted that Arthur would one day become an important political leader and in fact, he won the spot of Prime Minister in 1902. Cheiro had proven himself and instantly became one of the most sought-after astrologists of his time.

From America to Home Again

He left his home country and spent a year in America, where he noted the people were only interested in marriage and wealth. There is written record of him observing that all he was ever asked by American clients was when they would find someone they wanted to marry and when they would become rich.

He returned to England where he had bigger predictions to focus on. The new Chief Justice of England, Russel of Killowen, called to inform him that one of his former premonitions had come true. Three years in the past this prophet had predicted that the Chief would get his “coveted” job on July 19, 1984. That had come true and he received great praise of his accurate foresight.

He also received great applause for his accurate prediction that the year 1917 would be a very bad year for the Tsar of Russia. He made this prediction in 1904 and it turned out that in 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution took place under the direction of Lenin. The Tsar was murdered along with most of his family members.

Other Premonitions

There were many high profile figures that went to Cheiro with great skepticism only to find that his predictions for their lives were entirely accurate in the end. Some of his predictions worth noting include:

* In 1931 he predicted that a world war would erupt by the end of the century.
* He predicted the treaty between the Soviet Union and China well in advance of it happening in 1925.
* He predicted that there would be strikes and turmoil in England in May of 1926.
* He predicted the tragic historical fires of England long before they actually broke out.
* The unlucky years of 1928 to 1930 for Emperor George V of England was accurately predicted.

You can still go visit the home where Cheiro lived and read his amazing predictions. He fell sick for a long period of time then passed away in October of 1936.