(No purchase required – make these reports for yourself and friends:)

  • Daily Forecast – Based on your personal monthly and daily numbers
  • Address Analyzer – Describes the energy and influence of any address
  • Phone Number Analyzer – Find the number that most closely expresses the energy you wish to integrate
  • Lost Object Finder – A technique to help you access locked memories
  • Chart Calculator – Lists every number in your chart
  • DecozChart System – Displays an artistic visual overview of all your relevant numbers and cycles
  • Proportional Chart – Shows the relative dominance of your numbers based on their location and frequency in your chart.


Important :

The App is Free to Download. However there is an upgrade option against a very small fee. If you want to go to for paid options ( and I recommend ) for more in depth report, I have arranged a special discount with the creator of the app ( Hans Decoz) for you.

Use the code JAYANTI (all caps, no spaces) to receive 10% Off.

Below are your download links :