Marriage is one of the most important aspects of life for the vast majority of people, and of course it involves more than just a physical union between two people. Instead, a marriage involves deep feelings of caring for each other, it involves couples sharing responsibilities, and it involves strong emotion attachment.

By the very laws of nature, men and women are bound to be united, so to a great extent, the concept of marriage as we know it is merely a reflection of what nature commands.

As the centuries have come and gone, out ancestors have provided a vast amount knowledge and advice for those entering into marriage, and interestingly enough, much of that advice is based on marriage astrology.


Practically every race, culture, and creed on the planet acknowledge the fact that the planets can and do influence our lives in one way or another, and that includes relationships and marriage.

In this page, I’m going to share with you a few tips which you can use in order to read the 7th house of a chart which provides an insight into marriage, and the resultant happiness it should bring for a couple.

In order to avoid any confusion however, I’m going to separate the tips into two categories – those specifically for men, and those for women.

Marriage Astrology Tips for Males

In the following instances, there’s strong possibility of loss of wife or progeny:

When the lord of 7th house is present in 5th house, or when the lord of 5th or 8th house is present in the 7th house; Venus in Scorpio which is 7th house; Mercury in Taurus identical with 7th and Jupiter in the 7th in depression;

Weak Moon in the 5th and malefic in 1st, 7th, and 12th houses indicate wifeless and childless.

If the Sun and Rahu are in 7th house, this indicates possible loss of wealth as a result of a relationship with a woman.

In marriage astrology the combinations which follow below tend to yield favorable results:

If the Lord of the 8th house is in centre, owned by a benefic aspect, it indicates a wife is chaste, dutiful and comes from a noble family.

If Cancer is in the 7th house, occupied by Mars and Saturn, it indicates a wife will be beautiful and chaste. Furthermore, a man can expect to have an excellent wife if the lord of his house is conjoined with the lord of the ascendant.

When the lord of the ascendant is present in the 7th house, along with a benefic, it indicates a wife who stems from a good family.

The Moon, if occupying the 1st or 7th house within her own or exaltation sign, and aspected by a benefic or the 7th house failing in a benefic sign, tends to indicate a virtuous wife.

If the 7th house, its lord, and also Venus, are all in even signs, and they’re all bright and strong, it would indicate an outstanding wife.

One should however bear in mind that observations of the 7th house often fail due to the fact that people don’t take other houses into consideration when making matchmaking predictions in marriage astrology.

If an astrologer has the necessary experience, he or she will always take the 4th house which relates to the mind, and the 9th house which relates to fortune, into consideration. In fact, the experienced astrologer also focuses on the second house because of it connection to family issues.

Generally speaking, the rules regarding the 7th house are the same for both men and women, but even so, there are some points which are unique to female charts. Many astrologers agree that this most likely has to do with the psychological make-up of the women. Her auspiciousness is read from looking at the 8th house, beauty from the 9th house, husbands and attractiveness from the 7th. A woman’s associations and her chastity are shown in the 4th house.