Significance of Numerology Number

Numerology Numbers are of two types. Some are basic or single digit numbers, others are compound numbers. A compound number or the composed number is the root that stimulates the basic number.

The basic numbers are the offspring’s of compound numbers. The basic number is the archetype, and the composed number shows the tendency of the archetype.

The basic number indicates the general traits of the subject where the compound number describes the subject in more specific way.

Few examples below will give you some brief examples of how composed numbers influence basic numbers-

1 is the leader, but number 10 tends towards a parental style in leadership, 19 towards an authoritarian style, and 28 toward perfectionism in leadership.

2 is the cooperator, but 20 tends to cooperate on a higher, spiritual level.

3 is the communicator, but 12 has difficulty in speaking its mind, 21 struggles with anxiety in expressing itself, while 30 communicate without angst.

Here in the next few pages I shall describe the characteristics of 91 composed or double digit numbers from 10 to 100 to initiate you into basic symbolism that should be considered when working with these numbers.

10/1- Authoritative, leader, enthusiastic, exudes self-confidence, and aerodynamic for success are the traits associated with this number.

11- Highly insightful, even psychic, success will be assured for promising actors and actress but success will be short-lived.

12/3- Highly inventive, idiosyncratic, exceptional, also indicates accident, disease, cunning, and secret enemies.

13/4- A forbidden number, hard work but slow progress, the subject will increasingly face financial loss, ill health, and other legal problems.

14/5- A good numerology number for business but bad for health, wild streak. Lack of focus and determination may give natural troubles.

15/6- Loving, sympathetic, extremely broadminded, responsible, successful, dynamic, well-built, travel, adventure, and experimentation. This number can bring self-indulgence.

16/7- A good number for business or career but can cause ill health, disease, prolonged illness, accidents etc. spiritual growth and self-knowledge is seen.

17/8- Spiritual growth, faith, and sense of balance. If the number suits it will give wealth otherwise bankruptcy.

18/9- Bad effects on human mind, misunderstanding, clashes, ill health and conflict between idealism and self-centeredness.

19/10/1- Wealth, harmony, name, fame, position and authority, very successful number which has a powerful vibration power.

20/2- Lucky, calm, overly sensitive, spontaneous, and exposed to criticism. Mental strain may be caused.