The personal year or personal month simply means, how that year or month will be for you. If I say according to numerological terminology- it represent the kind of vibration that rules a particular year, a period that runs from one birthday to the next, not from January 1st to December 31st- unless of course you were born on one of these dates. To read your personal year you must read it in conjunction with personal month; because both in conjunction can provide a result which is more accurate and must be proved helpful in taking decision of your own.

How to calculate personal year or month?

Add the day and month of birth to the year you want to know about.

Say, you want to know what 2010 will be like and your date of birth is May 14 1985. To set your personal year number you add 2010+5+14 to get 2029 => 2+0+2+9 = 13, and then 1+3 to get 4. After exploring number 4 in table below you can learn how 2010 will be for you.

For your personal month add the personal year to the month you want to know about.

Now, you are further interested to know how May 2010 will be. Add 2029(the personal year number) to 5 (the number for May) you will find the number 2034=>2+0+3+4=9, your personal month number for May 2010.Look 9 up in the table below. In this way you can be prepared to deal with situations arising from the vibrations of these two numbers

1- This is the right time for you to start a new venture especially where individuality, leadership or any sorts of independency is involved. Make your own plan, be stick to it, this year will bring many success like never before, you should not much worried about what others say about your plans or deeds, this is the year to fulfill your ambition, only thing you should keep in mind to never get involved in quarrels or disputes with others or do not become arrogant especially at a particular time if you feel the thing is not going in a right direction or as expected.


2- This is the time to be patient, let all the things happen naturally, if any time you feel you are loosing the position of command may be in professional field or in your family life, do not become arrogant or try to get your position revived by force. It is normal to feel fragile and vulnerable during this year or month, because of this number’s exacerbated stability, this is a good time for building relationships with opposite sexes for love or friendship. Let the things go naturally does not mean dependency to others, so have patience, lead normal life and the phase will pass peacefully and without any hazards and disturbances.


3- This is a very favorable period for you. You will see the results for your past effort; this is the time to enjoy the fruits of your old labors. Not only in profession you will enjoy lots of fun and amusement in your family life, some events will take place at your home for which you were awaiting since long. But you must be very careful about over enjoyment or excitement sometimes those may destruct you from your way, for which you may have to repent later.


4- This is the time to establish the things you started in personal year or month 1.This is the time for hard work, determination, and patience. This is not the time or month for enjoyment. This is the construction phase of your goal, you may not always find it pleasant but you must carry on and do all that are necessary. It is a taste phase of your strong will, determination and patience. The thing may appear slow and boring but you must not quit in the midway.


5- This is the personal year or month for changes. Many changes will take place in your life in this period whether you like it or not. You may alter your plans and programs in this phase. You will find changes in your profession, residence or even may be in love. This is a dynamic phase of your life, so not the right time to start a venture or construct the venture like number 1 or number 4.Try not to be futile or superficial. Lots of travel will take place in this period and you must be cautiously avoid or keep yourself away from over enjoyment. Otherwise go with the stream, simply let your life flow, and don’t worry about destiny.
6- This is the favorable period for love, passion, family, peace, tranquility. If you are planning for marriage for quite some times this is right time for you to get married. It will prove a happy and successful married life. This is also good time to purchase or construct a home. Anything which is anyway related to your family or home will be proved successful. Do not be invasive or jealous, it may cause hindrance in the way of your happiness. This is also a good time for the artists.


7- Intellect works particularly well during this period. So you can go ahead with all sorts of jobs that involve your intellects like advanced study, research or even an invention if you are a scientist. If you are skeptical and cynical person, you will find these characteristics amplified during this period. A chronic health problem will disturb you much in this year or month. This is the period of spirituality and relaxation. This is most unfavorable time for investment; do not take any risk at least where monetary involvement is there. Try not to be cranky.


8- This is the number which symbolize a big hole that attracts dense thoughts, thus intuition may contaminate. This is an ideal time for expansion of your business and investment in new business even. But don’t invest in speculative one, better count the rationality. You will see the solution of a disputed matter for a long pending issue and a justice for that you were eagerly waiting for. But the solution not necessarily will go in favor of you. This is the period of work and getting back the results for all the good and bad things done by you previously.



9- This is the period of end of your circle of karma. Everything that begins in the period 1 will come to an end, not in the sense of a negative one but as everything that started once should have an end at any point of time. In this phase there are chances to face agitation, stress, anguish etc. but you must learn how to best handle the things and your realization will help you to overcome the unwanted situations and be driven by the logic and not by the emotions. You can smell the happy ending only if you handle all the things carefully and with great care.

11- This is the Master number which replaces number 2.In the personal year or a month bears number 11 must be the period of your hidden power, especially the spiritual power you have within you. You can expect all the characteristics of number 1 may be with greater force and effect as your inner power will certainly supply you with extra power and energy.


22- This is the moment of great work. Everything gets bigger and out of expectation. Tends to certain megalomania, even though it is a moment of great realization. Good acumen is must for you to retain a balance between illusory aims and a will that you must put in practice.