The Destiny Number (often known as the Monogram Number) has the most direct influence upon our happiness.

These numbers can help us in adjust ourselves to life in general provided it is in harmony with our basic personalities.




Destiny Number

For example, if you are a sober, studious type, you cannot be completely happy if your Numerology Destiny Number radiates gaiety and restless enthusiasm. In this case, your fundamental nature constantly clashes with this number, whose vibration surrounds your monogram.
As a result, you cannot achieve the peace of mind that you desire.
To find this number, add together the initials of our name. For example, Ashok Kumar Sen becomes now AKS for the number:


This is the number of enjoyment and will create harmony when a man or a woman is engaged in such a job for which he or she feels proud of. As we discussed in the information on the vocational number, Dr. Sen was very proud of his profession. He enjoyed the post of principal and thus received several rewards for his excellent service to the college.

Alphanumeric Table for calculation of destiny number –

1- A, M, X

2- E, L, T

3- B, K, V

4- C, D, Q

5- F, N, U

6- J, R, Z

7- I, P, W

8- G, O, Y

9- H, S

Destiny Numbers And Their Meanings-

1- Most suited to persons who are fond of adventure. They enjoy exploring the possibilities of the new and untried. If the person with numerology destiny number 1 is engaged with a job where he has to do the old way of doing he will not be happy.

2- He is a person who will prefer to study or analyze all possibilities before coming to a decision. The person is always has on open mind to listen and accept the suggestion. So the type of job he has a chance to work with others will make him happy even he has to face criticism for his work.

3- All the enthusiastic and open hearted persons who always prefer to express or share their feelings with others will be happy with this destiny number. This number favors the person who has a wide variety of interests, and is not suited to person who is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their career.

4- The number will create most harmony with the persons who always try to keep themselves busy and do not like to waste time in idleness. This is the number of enjoyment and will create harmony when a man or a woman is engaged in such a job for which he or she feels proud of. It is not a number for the flighty or restless temperament.

5– The vibration of number 5 is best suited with the harmony of a person with an energetic and variable temperament. It is not suited with a person to whom the security and peace of mind is more important than a thrill or a change.

6- The vibrations of destiny numbers 6 are in harmony with a person who is civic minded and is always ready and eager to engage in any work that will serve to better the community at large. It is especially suited to persons who are willing to undertake tasks even there is little recognition or reward. This is the number of cooperation. Any job where responsibility is shared by the members of the group and all work for the purpose of a common goal is best suited with the persons hold number 6 as vocational number.

7- This is the number of perfection. He is not satisfied easily and will never accept a work which is not perfect. This type of person is fond of solitude and quite and spends a great deal of time in thought. This number is not suited to an active, lively personality.

8- This number suits best with the person to whom idealism with practicality are equally important. It favors the man who sets a goal for himself and then plugs away tirelessly until he is accomplished what he sets out to do. This number is in harmony with the persons who are fired with ambitions of wealth and success and who are ready to sacrifice to achieve them.

9- The vibrations of the number 9 are best suited for the persons possess boundless energy and inspiration. The number is suited to an individual who is recognized as a leader among his fellows. The number is not suited for the persons who get straight fright in the presence of large crowds or who prefer the peace and quiet of domestic life to the ceaseless activity and excitement of public affairs.