Libra and Pisces compatibility

How do Libra and Pisces get along when it comes to dating and romance? Is the Libra and Pisces compatibility strong? Are these two signs soulmates? 

At first glance, it may not seem like there’s much compatibility between Libra and Pisces. Libra is a rational air sign, while Pisces is a more emotionally oriented water sign. Commonly, air and water signs don’t always have the best compatibility. 

However, Libra and Pisces are a little different from the usual. These star signs are the two most romantic of all, which actually makes Libra and Pisces more compatible than what initially meets the eye. Libra and Pisces love being in love and will bend over backwards for each other. They share an appreciation for harmony and peace, which makes the Libra and Pisces relationship one that is seldom tense. Libra and Pisces treat each other well. This is one of the very best qualities about their relationship. 

What also makes Libra and Pisces compatible is that they are ruled by the two ‘benefic’ planets, Venus and Jupiter. Venus, the planet of love, romance and beauty, rules Libra, which is why Libra is such a lover and peacemaker. Venus’s influence also makes Libra just love being in love. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, traditionally rules Pisces in ancient Astrology. This makes Pisces full of love and deeply generous and caring. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, and seeing as this planet is known as the ‘Higher Octave’ of Venus – AKA a fuller expression of what Venus symbolizes, we might say that Libra and Pisces are even more compatible, using this modern rulership. Libra and Pisces’s relationship can feel dreamy, considering their ruling planets get along so well. 

Read on to explore Libra and Pisces compatibility, such as whether they make good marriage partners, what Libra and Pisces are like in bed and more.

Libra and Pisces Dating Compatibility

Libra and Pisces dating compatibility

What are Libra and Pisces like when they’re dating? What do they enjoy doing together and how do they go about the dating phase? 

Usually, the Libra will take the lead, being a Cardinal sign. As a Mutable sign, Pisces prefers to go with the flow and follow along. Never ask a Pisces to make a plan and stick to it! That’s just too much responsibility for this easygoing star sign. Luckily, Libra doesn’t mind initiating dates and planning lovely romantic outings. Librans are natural born people-pleasers, so they will go out of their way to get to know the Pisces and make them happy. 

However, the one thing Libra may struggle with in the dating phase is making solid decisions. They usually need a partner who can do that for them or at least guide them. Pisces is not at all decisive. And so, together, these two may have to work a little harder at, for example, deciding which restaurants to go to or which night to choose as their date night. 

Once Libra and Pisces get over this small hump, they’ll soon see just how compatible they are and how much they have in common. Libra and Pisces are both very creative souls, which means they have a strong appreciation for the arts, music, beauty, pleasure and good living. This makes the dating phase quite dreamy and romantic as they partake in all the delicious things that life has to offer. In fact, Libra and Pisces are both so romantic that they may well sweep each other right off of their feet very, very quickly. 

Do Libra and Pisces Marry?

Libra and Pisces compatibility for marriage

Is marriage on the cards for Libra and Pisces? Absolutely. Libra and Pisces are such romantic signs that they tend to start thinking of walking down the aisle quite early on in their relationship. The most important thing would be to wait a little while before they tie the knot. Both can be so idealistic that it’s important they get to know each other very well before rushing into anything. 

But why, you might be wondering? Why wait if Libra and Pisces are supposed to be so compatible? 

Well, the reason for this is because the Pisces, in particular, tend to put their partner on a pedestal, failing to see their natural flaws and shortcomings. Then, after some time, the rose-colored glasses come off, and they’re left feeling inevitably disappointed because no one is perfect, least of all their lovely Libra partner.

Pisces people always have to wait for the shine to wear off before they start the arduous journey of marriage. Only once Pisces has seen and accepted the Libra for exactly who they are are they ready to marry. 

Libras may have to do some of this work, too. They are famously known to be quite indecisive before they settle down. Librains can be afraid of losing all their opinions, so it is good for them to wait, too. 

Once both are sure of each other, then the Libra and Pisces are able to settle down into a dreamy, soft, yummy and tender lifetime union. 

Why is Libra so Attracted to Pisces?

libra attracted to pisces

What makes Libra so attracted to Pisces? What is their special, magical quality that draws the delightful Libra to them? 

Well, Pisces people do have a very vulnerable, soft energy. Most people feel quite protective of Pisces and want to look after and shelter them. More than that, however, is that Libra is drawn to Pisces’s compassionate, caring and empathetic side. Pisces people accept the Libra just as they are, making them feel seen and cherished.

Pisces people are also as willing as Librans to sacrifice and compromise for the sake of their partner. Very often, the Libra is the only one doing that in a relationship, which usually leads to resentment later down the line. In this relationship, however, both Libra and Pisces are willing to go that extra mile for the other. This is part of the reason why Libra is so attracted to Pisces. 

Pisces people can also often be very attractive, and Libra is usually very drawn to beauty. They like being with people as beautiful as they are, who they can take to parties and show off a little. Pisces are a whole lot of fun, too, and they love to dance, which makes Libra and Pisces very compatible on a social level.

How are Pisces and Libra in Bed?

libra and Pisces compatibility bed

The million-dollar question on your mind right now might be: How are Libra and Pisces in bed? What is their physical compatibility? 

The good news is that it’s usually fantastic. Because both Libra and Pisces are the types of people who love to please their partners, they will make sure each other is satisfied before themselves. This means plenty of foreplay and the ability to seduce and tease each other to satisfaction. 

Pisces, in particular, yearns for a spiritual experience that makes them leave their bodies and join their spirits. Libra is able to provide this experience for them, being equally romantic and eager to explore the edges of their physical connection. Libra and Pisces practically define the word ‘lovemaking’ because that’s exactly what they do together. 

Pisces also tends to bring the more emotional side to the physical experience, whereas Libra brings communication and new ideas. There should never be a dull moment when these two are in the bedroom. They both also appreciate delighting the senses through scented candles, soft sheets, sexy music and tantalizing outfits. They love to experiment together and seldom have any shame about their personal sensual tastes.

Where are the Problem Areas for Libra and Pisces?

Where are the Problem Areas for Libra and Pisces

Last but not least, – are there any problem areas for Libra and Pisces to be aware of?

Of course. As with any couple, there are always some issues that could arise. The main problem with Libra and Pisces’ compatibility may be the urge to repress or ignore problems or to run away from conflict. Both tend to be harmony-seeking signs, which can lead to problems much later down the line. Both might look for escape in other people, leading to possible flirtations outside their relationship. If they are a monogamous couple (not polyamorous or in an open-style arrangement), then this could become a reason to break up. 

Thus, the best thing that Libra and Pisces can do to ensure the longevity of their relationship is to be honest at all times. They should address issues in a calm, loving manner, not in a way that is angry, tense, or frustrated. If anger comes, however, it’s important that Libra and Pisces don’t close down or ghost each other. Letting their feelings out is very important for their relationship to stand a fighting chance. 

Of course, Libra is usually also known as an extrovert, whereas Pisces can be quite an introvert, although sometimes Pisces is known to be very social. Balancing these sides of their personalities will also be key, especially for the social butterfly Libra.

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